Classified Dust bins
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Classified Dust bins

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Nowadays, classified dust bins are very important to our environmental protection. We can find it everywhere around us.


As the leader of health and environmental equipment in China. GINA represents intelligence and high quality. More than the requirements of the industry standards into R&D and production. With the awe of human environmental protection life. Relying on superb technology, advanced equipment, perfect testing and excellent team, constantly optimize the production process, to ensure the first-class products.



Below are our new products--GINA classified dust bins, there are three different type of dustbins for your information.



1) GN-02S :Stainless steel pedal barrel:

Double Stainless steel pedal barrel

Finish: Silver brushed 

There are two size for choice:

640*315*695Hmm (60L)

640*315*485Hmm (40L)


2) Triple stainless steel pedal barrel

Finish: Silver brushed

There are two size for choice:

975*315*695Hmm (90L)

975*315*485Hmm (60L)


3) Four stainless steel pedal barrel

Finish: Silver brushed

There are two size for choice:

1300*315*695Hmm (120L)

1300*315*485Hmm (80L)


Features of the product introduction

  •  Mute slow drop closure

Using the secondary mute slow down technique, the lid of the barrel is closed quickly and then slowly prevent caccidental injury, shorten closure time, reduce odor overflow, and keep it mute

  • The distance between the lid and the wall

Carefully designed to open the range of lid, will not touch the wall, to prevent scratching wall and barrel body.

  • Inner bin design

The concave position design on both sides above the inner bin makes it convenient to take it out and to replace the garbage bag.

  • Simple handle

The clever design of the back part of the barrel makes the simple knot beautiful and convenient to carry.

  • A new generation of integral pedals

The newly upgraded all-in-one pedal widens and thickens to improve the durability and stability of the system, while preventing the pedal from touching the ground, creating a sense of comfort.

  • Non-slip rubber pad adjustment function

The bottom of the barrel is designed with non-slip rubber pad, and the height can be adjusted up and down at any time, keeping balance with the ground, better fit any ground.

  • Full enveloping back cover design

The bottom of the barrel body is designed with full enveloped sealing, which can better isolate the pests, prevent the garbage from scattering, lock the odor and keep it clean all the time.

  • Garbage bag storage hole

Receive hole can avoid rubbish bag outside leak, keep bucket body beautiful.

  • Anti-seismic packaging

The upper and lower parts are protected by moulded pulp protection trays, plus seven-ply cart on packaging to ensure the products are delivered to the customer intact.



Which model you are interested in? If you want to review more style of classified dust bins,welcome to contact us for further information, thanks.


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The group owns several factories like Hotel equipments factory, Banquet Furniture Factory, Crowd Control Systems factory, Hotel Furniture FactoryApart from the products that LAICOZY group manufacturers, we also have excellent relations with other A-Class manufacturers who do OEM for us for us for various Hotel Products.


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