Dustbin in everywhere
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Dustbin in everywhere

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Trash cans, also known as litter dustbins or trash cans, refer to places where garbage is placed.Most of them are made of metal or plastic, used in plastic bags. When the garbage is more than one, it can be taken out of the bag.The trash can is a container of people's life, which is also a reflection of social culture.

Most room trash cans have a cover to protect them from the smell of garbage. Some room dustbin can be turned on by foot.Most of the pedal dustbin in the home are placed in the kitchen, so that the kitchen can be kept.Some families will have one in the main room.Some playground bins are specially designed to be cute.


Of course,There are many kind of our Dustbin ,Different designs, different textures, different shapes, different uses.It is applicable to rooms, bathrooms, lobby and outdoor etc .Such as room dustbin , guest room dustbin , double layer dustbin ,201 stainless steel dustbin, pedal dustbin etc .All of these dustbin is rather smaller ,it is suitable for room ,hotel guest room ,bathroom,office etc .

In the lobby or mall ,also use the bigger stainless steel dustbin , 304 stainless steel dustbin ,double side stainless steel dustbin,ash tray dustbin ,

Processing of materials

1.Plastic, plastic room dustbin.Simple processing, easy to clean, suitable for indoor use.Outside, there is a requirement for materials: it is not easy to age.

2. Stainless steel,stainless steel outdoor dustbin.Outdoor use will not be corroded by rain, but may be stolen by thieves.

3. ceramic,ceramic dustbin. Ceramics are synonymous with high-grade goods. Ceramic sanitary ware easy to clean, and the surface finish high.Give people a high quality feel.

4.wooden,wooden dustbin.The texture is easy to coordinate with the environment.

7. metal.Metal trash cans, usually made of steel, are durable and can be recycled later.The disadvantage of steel is that it is easy to rust. It is generally used to remove oil and rust before baking, so as to strengthen the rust resistance of steel in outdoor use.such like 304 stainless steel dustbin,201 stainless steel dustbin.


Dustbin are a very common life item.We can't live without it. It's our cleaning angel.You see it everywhere. At home, in the room, in the kitchen, on the table, in every corner of the mall, the elevator door, the bathroom, the street etc. All of this place that you can see the dustbin.It is a good helper in our life and a good tool for collecting rubbish


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