Hotel guestroom luggage rack with different material
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Hotel guestroom luggage rack with different material

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When you set up a hotel furniture purchase list,will you put in luggage rack?I recommend you do so.Often times,there is a sense that we don’t need to have a hotel luggage rack because customers can simply lay their suitcases on the bed or floor.But it is incovenience and don’t save space.If you have a guestroom lugggage rack,customers can pack their suitcases very convenient,they will feel like at home and can organise their belongings.


Suitcase stand is essential item for hotel,motel,apartment and resorts.When using a luggage rack,customes bend less and their back muscle don’t have to stretch further.Putting luggage on the bed still requires cudtomers’ back to bend lower and putting luggage on the floor requires more movement than just bending down.


And if customers don’t need it,you can fold up and store it under the bed、in the closet or just at the corner,so that it can be ready for the next customers.


We know,a lugggage rack not only need to fit for hotel room decorative, but also meet with hotel budget with long-term use,LAICOZY offer luggage rack with multiple materials and capacities,so you can find one that matches to your guestroom decoration.

For material:We have wooden luggage rack(beech wood,oak wood)

Iron luggage rack(zinc plated, chrome, black finished)

Stainless steel luggage rack

WPC luggage rack(Wood lastic composite,comparedwith wooden materials, it is resistant to water and corrosion and is not easily damaged by insects.)

For tube size:round(normal),flat and square

For design:We have luggage rack with back support and without back support,back support design can protect hotel walls and furnitures from scratching.Also some luggage racks come with a bottom shelf for shoes and small luggage--is called double layer luggage rack,Customers wouln’t have problems where to put their shoes or slippers.


With such a luggage rack,customers don’t need to keep moving their bags on and off the bed just to get things.While bags on the floor tends to be messy and eats up too much spaces in the room causing less space to move around.


Moreover,it can serve as an extra bed side table---you can put a tray on the rack or it can be a bed side personal items holder or plate and drink holder.Someone would even use it as a pillow or beddings holder.


On customers’ perspective,when you arrive at a hotel,would you want your things lying on the floor?What if the floor isn’t clean?Come on,luggage rack is one item you can’t neglect!


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