Hotel housekeeping carts with doors
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Hotel housekeeping carts with doors

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     As the manufacturer for luggage cart, housekeeping cleaning carts, banquet chair etc, we always target 4-5 star hotels to provide better quality products and competitive prices for all distributors all over the word.

     Housekeeping maid carts are essential in hospitality businesses around the world, allowing your staff to bundle cleaning utensils, chemicals, and used linens all in one unit. Each hotel housekeeping trolley we offer is designed to easily fit inside standard-sized elevators so your cleaning crew can take their housekeeping cleaning trolley carts to any floor, while the high-grade casters make transportation effortless. Plus, with so many models at your disposal, you're sure to find hotel housekeeping maid carts that work for your business.

Our hotel housekeeping trolley is one of the best -selling products overseas. The housekeeping cleaning carts frame material can be aluminium or steel. Besides, we have a plastic housekeeping cleaning carts. This hotel housekeeping trolley popular.

The plastic housekeeping cleaning carts full size offers the storage space and versatility that make it the perfect vehicle for cleaning, organizing, and preparing any hotel or motel room! Hotel housekeeping cleaning trolley commercial quality molded construction makes the whole unit incredibly durable, and this plastic housekeeping cleaning carts with two doors securely conceal towels, linens, sheets, and other items inside a spacious storage area. This hotel housekeeping trolley features a vacuum holder, undershelf glass rack holder, and vinyl bag that makes it one of the most versatile in its class! Plus, it features a full-size cabinet with an adjustable middle shelf to accommodate specific storage supply needs and provide flexibility. For smooth, seamless mobility, this Housekeeping maid carts features 8" ball bearing casters that provide excellent mobility without marking your floors. Also included are four robust, non-scarring corner bumpers to protect your walls and doors from unsightly collisions.

Unlike other open-shelf hotel housekeeping trolley, this plastic housekeeping cleaning carts features 2 locking doors for added security. With the convenience of transporting valuable cleaning supplies from room to room also comes the the concern for hotel housekeeping trolley left unattended in hallways or janitors' closets. To prevent theft, simply store your supplies inside the cabinet and lock the doors when the Hotel housekeeping cleaning trolley is not in use.

Thanks to plastic housekeeping cleaning carts multiple compartments, convenient handles, durable casters, and many other useful features, this housekeeping trolley is the perfect addition to your hotel, motel, hospital, school, or retirement community. With ample storage space and flexible options, you can organize your cart to best fit your needs



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