How a Retractable post plays an important role?
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How a Retractable post plays an important role?

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How a Retractable post plays an important role?

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, more and more businesses and individuals have become concerned about how to maintain social distance in public. Especially in large venues, it is important to maintain social distances and set up proper containment. Therefore, we need to use a product that is a retractable post. In almost every place we can see the retractable post, the retractable post is fully functional, simple to operate, with many advantages favored by many enterprises, today we will make an all-round analysis of its functions and advantages.


·Where can a Retractable post be applied?

·The main benefits of Retractable posts.

·The reasons for using a Retractable post.


Where can a Retractable post be applied?



Banks are a close flow of people and the need for security protection, generally, we queue to withdraw or deposit money, the bank will set up a barrier. Not only to set a safe distance but also to help people relieve their nervousness, after all, they need privacy when entering their passwords in a bank.



The installation of retractable posts in museums is to protect cultural relics and prevent trampling due to the dense population. In addition, museums are important places for people to learn about history and store extremely valuable artifacts. Of course, for such a place, retractable posts are essential. For some public places in scenic spots, retractable poles are mainly used to maintain order and queues to prevent chaos in the flow of people.


In a word, the retractable post is mainly used for large queue order control as well as the queueing facilities and scientific placement planning necessary for directional human flow transmission guidance, and its main function is to maintain the privacy of individuals while maintaining public order and keeping public distance.


The main benefits of Retractable posts.



The shape of our retractable post is simple and easy to carry. And the most advanced process technology is used in the manufacturing process, which makes the product have perfect quality and feel smooth and round without any burr.


·Using aspect

This product consists of a retractable head, pole body, and base, which can be freely disassembled and assembled, light weight, easy to transport and carry. When you first use the retractable pole, you do not need to spend time to install it, you can use it directly.



The production cost of the retractable post is not high, and the delivery is quick, which can greatly help you to improve your working efficiency.


These are the main features of the retractable posts. There are many advantages of our products, especially in terms of product quality. For example, we produce them with seamless welding technology, which makes the welding points perfect. As a result, our retractable posts are very durable.



The reasons for using a Retractable post.


In short, the retractable post is a multifunctional prop, which has many advantages and is therefore used in major occasions. The use of the retractable post is not only the baseline of social civilization but also the lifeline of public safety. Especially during the outbreak of the epidemic, the use of retractable bollards can enhance people's awareness of prevention, starting from small things in order to solve the problem.


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