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There has always been a strong focus on hygiene and safety protection in public places, due to the large crowds and the need to maintain order. Combined with the epidemic last year, this has made the issue of hygiene in public places a sensitive topic. The product we are introducing today is a necessity for public places, it is a retractable post. Basic information about retractable posts and their applications and features will be mentioned in this article.



The justifications for using a Retractable post
With the rapid growth of the population, the gathering of people in public places is also increasing. When crowds gather too much, there will be a lot of trouble, such as trampling incidents, virus transmission, etc. Therefore, generally in places where the crowd is too dense, the relevant enterpris



How a Retractable post plays an important role?
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, more and more businesses and individuals have become concerned about how to maintain social distance in public. Especially in large venues, it is important to maintain social distances and set up proper containment. Therefore, we need to use a product that is a retractable post. In almost every place we can see the retractable post, the retractable post is fully functional, simple to operate, with many advantages favored by many enterprises, today we will make an all-round analysis of its functions and advantages.



The basic structure of retractable post.
With the development of the times and the increasing number of people, it is an important matter to maintain order in crowds in public places. As a result, more and more warning props have been invented, such as the retractable post, which, by separating crowds, is a good way of avoiding chaotic situations due to overcrowding. The product we are introducing today is the retractable post, the functions and basic construction of which will be mentioned in this article.



How to package stanchion posts?
With the improvement of people's material level, there are higher requirements for the packaging of polished retractable posts. Where there are retractable posts, there are packaging. It can be said that the packaging industry plays an important role in the transportation, preservation and development of stanchion posts.



What is the difference between the brands of stanchion posts?
Stanchion posts can be placed in a straight line according to the actual site and needs, or in a circle to isolate important items to keep the site in order. No wonder why more and more people pay attention to uses of polished stanchion posts as signs of isolation, queuing, guiding traffic and prohibiting crossing! However, once being profitable, some untrustworthy businesses will flock to which. The substandard retractable posts they produce will not only cause trouble for consumers, but also damage the reputation of the industry.



What is stanchion posts structure?
Take line barrier stainless-steel retractable posts as an example, the accessories included in this product include: tube, bottom counterweight, bottom rubber ring, telescopic parts, springs, and telescopic braid. Surprisingly, you can customize a full set of retractable posts, or you can customize the accessories of retractable posts separately.
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