How can we choose Hotel luggage racks?
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How can we choose Hotel luggage racks?

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How can we choose Hotel luggage racks?

Hotel luggage racks are generally foldable. One is to save space, and then take them out for use when guests need them. The other is to put them in the wardrobe after being folded, which can maintain the overall beauty of the room. Considering these two factors, then What should I pay attention to when buying luggage rack size?

According to which criteria can hotel luggage racks be selected?

How can the hotel luggage rack form a unified style with the interior decoration?

What are the dimensions of the common hotel luggage racks on the market?

According to which criteria can hotel luggage racks be selected?

1. The principle of practicality

In real life, wooden coat racks are relatively more practical than metal ones, because wooden hotel luggage racks are slightly heavier than metal hotel luggage racks, which will play a role in balancing support.

2. The principle of aesthetics

Generally speaking, metal hotel luggage racks are more modern. The wooden hotel luggage rack usually feels a little more rustic.

3. Principles of economy

Metal and wooden hotel luggage racks are relatively expensive, while plastic and rattan ones are more economical.

4. Principles of environmental protection and health

Hotel luggage racks have different effects on human health according to different materials and surface paint materials. Therefore, try to choose some healthy hotel luggage racks.

How can the hotel luggage rack form a unified style with the interior decoration?

1. Style consistency

Hotel luggage racks are usually placed in the bedroom or cloakroom, so the style of the coat rack should be consistent with the style of the bedroom or cloakroom, and not too obtrusive. Vintage style rooms can choose wooden hotel luggage racks, modern style rooms can choose stainless steel hotel luggage racks.

2. Color coordination

The color of the hotel luggage rack should be matched with the bedroom or cloakroom to achieve overall harmony and unity.

3. Size compatibility

The size of the luggage rack in the hotel should match the length of the clothes and the number of hanging clothes. If there are many long coats, you should buy a longer coat rack. If you only hang coats, the height of the coat rack can be slightly lower.

What are the dimensions of the common hotel luggage racks on the market?

1. Foldable stainless steel luxury hotel room luggage rack

Specification: Luggage rack, stainless steel oval tube, in polished finish, with back support, 5 pieces of nylon straps in black color. Overall size: 610L*470W*670Hmm, Top frame size: 35mm, Leg frame size:30mm.

Finish available in: Polished, Brushed, Titanium gold;

Delivery time: Within 50 days after receiving deposit.

Payment terms: 30% deposit by T/T, and balance should be paid before the shipment. Payment by L/C is also acceptable.

Price term: FOB Guangzhou/Shenzhen or EX-Factory

2. Custom Elegant Hotel bedroom Foldable baggage holder stand

Model: 3341100

Overall size:620x400x535Hmm

Folding size: 620*670Hmm

Stand Material: Stainless Steel square tube 25*25mm well polished

Straps:4pcs black nylon straps, 5cm width, wrap on the tube, mounted firmly on the frame

Surface Color: Polished/Brushed/titanium gold for option

Back: without back bar

Packing:6pcs/CTN, Carton size: ,  GW: 17KG

Application: Hotel, apartment, guestroom.

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