How long is a stanchion?
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How long is a stanchion?

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How long is a stanchion?

We believe that in holiday scenic spots, we have all seen more or less how stanchion posts guide the flow of people. The use of stanchion posts needs to be matched with a several-meter-long telescopic isolation belt, which is connected when placed in public places or isolated products. The size of the area that can be enclosed depends on the length of the brushed stanchion posts. In fact, the length of stanchion posts depends on many factors to ensure the flexibility and safety of use.


Here is the content list:

  • What is range of the length parameter of stanchion posts?

  • How close are stanchion posts to your life?

  • How to enhance effect of stanchion posts?


What is range of the length parameter of stanchion posts?

Before you buy retractable posts, you need to know some of its important parameters, such as its length. You can adjust the length of the stanchion posts by adjusting the length of the telescopic strap, each strap can be up to 2m; if you feel that the length of 2m is not enough, you can also consult our customer service and order other lengths you want.

As the saying goes, a single tree cannot be a forest, and the use of retractable posts also conforms to this principle. First, it is composed of many parts. The telescopic head ensures that the height of stanchion posts can be adjusted according to your wishes. Retractable straps are like hands to people to stanchion posts. When many retractable posts pull up their hands, they can form a beautiful and strong landscape.

The column body is made of stainless steel that meets the standards, which effectively prevents external erosion. The base and counterweight can ensure the stability and safety of stanchion posts, even in the face of a large number crowd, they will not be pushed down.


How close are stanchion posts to your life?

Proper placement of brushed stanchion posts is one of the prerequisites for the start of school and work in 2020. People are always reminded to maintain reasonable social distance.

  • Office buildings

Have you noticed that the office building after resumption of work is somewhat different? In fact, many companies have added retractable posts in the lobby, advocating employees to keep a safe distance of one meter, making stanchion posts a new habit of civilization during the epidemic prevention and control period. Office buildings are densely populated places, but they can achieve zero infection due to the role of stanchion posts.

  • Service hall

Not only that, on the grounds of the passageways where people gather at the information desks and service windows of the administrative service hall, not only reminder signs are pasted, but stanchion posts are also placed, and publicity posters on promoting safe locations are pasted in prominent locations to guide work. According to the retractable posts, the masses should keep a distance of more than one meter to avoid close contact between the front and back people too close.

  • Supermarkets

Supermarkets are generally small in size and highly dense. Relevant departments urge supermarkets to strictly implement their responsibilities for epidemic prevention, and achieve conscientious and safe operations, which not only meet the daily needs of residents, but also ensure the residents' epidemic prevention safety.

In order to disperse the flow of people in an orderly manner and prevent internal customers from gathering, the supermarket also monitors the density of customers in real time. If there are too many customers in the store, flow restriction measures will be implemented to allow residents to queue in an orderly manner outside the store according to the safe distance of stanchion posts.

How to enhance effect of stanchion posts?

In order to strengthen the guiding role of stanchion posts, you can use inserting signs as accessories of stanchion posts. It is a guiding function attached to the retractable posts. With the inserting sign, it is easy to accurately guide the guests who are not familiar with the itinerary and directions to the designated location.

One-line style inserting signs of stanchion posts are the most common guide signs. The display board is made of acrylic panel, the frame is made of standard stainless steel, and the connection between the retractable posts is made of the same material to avoid aging.

In addition, there are a variety of styles such as all-inclusive frame inserting signs and U-shaped inserting signs. When using, you only need to insert the slot of the connector from the top to the bottom of the head of the brushed stanchion posts to fix it. The material and color of the display board can be customized.


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