How many sizes of sanitizing wipe dispenser are there?
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How many sizes of sanitizing wipe dispenser are there?

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How many sizes of sanitizing wipe dispenser are there?

When sweating like rain in the gym, or on occasions where you need to clean your hands, are you troubled by the lack of water? It is precisely because of this that sanitizing wipe dispenser has grasped the needs of consumers, and has won the favor of the market and consumers with its beautiful and fashionable appearance and convenient use. Sanitizing wet wipe dispensers subversively solves the problem that napkins or towels cannot be reused and easily leads to cross-infection, and realizes consumers' dreams of using wipes at any time.


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  • How to choose correct size of sanitizing wipe dispenser you need?

  • How many sizes of sanitizing wipe dispenser for you?

  • Will sanitizing wipe dispenser be popular in the future?


How to choose correct size of sanitizing wipe dispenser you need?

The advent of sanitizing wipe dispenser will not only bring a new fashion wave to the small home appliance industry, but also provide consumers with more meticulous, thoughtful and human health care. Before choosing a sanitizing wipe dispenser, you must confirm the occasion it is used. You know, on different occasions, you need stainless sanitizing wipe dispensers whose sizes may also different.

  • Workplace

For young people who are pursuing a refined life, ordinary paper towels can only be used for basic cleaning, while the better-quality sanitizing wipe dispenser can keep wipes fresh and safe anytime and anywhere, delicate, soft, and thick. When you use wipes, it can not only reduce skin friction, play moisturizing effect, but also effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria.

  • Powder room

The wipes immediately taken out of the sanitizing wet wipe dispenser have better toughness and can easily take away the makeup residue on the face. After soaking the makeup remover, it can be removed by lightly wiping it. It will not waste the makeup remover and save the user time. Bring more enjoyment of life.

  • Gym

In autumn and winter, despite the cold wind outside, there are often people sweating in the indoor gym. Looking at the mottled sweat stains on the ground, you can know that there is a large demand for wipes. Just set up a sanitizing gym wipe dispenser in the gym, and you can immediately make your gym surpass your peers and become the first choice of customers.


How many sizes of sanitizing wipe dispenser for you?

Our sanitizing wipe dispenser is made of 304 stainless steel that meets the standard. The inside can accommodate paper rolls with a diameter of no more than 220mm, which fully guarantees the constant supply of wipes; there is also an opening on the side of the sanitizing wipe dispenser, with a diameter of 14cm, for you Provides multi-functional services, which can also contain trash. In addition, our sanitizing wipe dispenser also uses all-rubber gaskets, which can effectively protect the floor surface from scratches.

Our default product has two specifications: one is 320mm diameter while the height is 930mm, weighing 7.7 kgs; the other one is 254mm diameter x 810mm high, weighing 6.7 kgs. Of course, you can also tell our sanitizing wipe dispenser salesperson about your needs, and we will contact the technical side to achieve personalized customization for you.


Will sanitizing wipe dispenser be popular in the future?

The sanitizing wet wipe dispenser completely solves the social problem of serious excess of bacteria in traditional towels, wet wipes, face sponges and paper towels. It essentially meets the needs of modern people for comfort, health, environmental protection, and nobility in life. This kind of humanized multifunction sanitizing wipe dispenser has gradually become a fashionable and healthy consumer product, which will bring a new revolution in the small home appliance industry.

With the rapid economic development, people’s consumption concepts have begun to undergo brand-new changes. Green environmental protection has become the current fashion pursued. People have evolved from satisfying food and clothing in the past to higher-level needs. The emergence of sanitizing wipe dispensers, undoubtedly It has injected fresh blood into people's current needs. It can be asserted that in the near future, the precise sanitizing wipe dispenser will replace the traditional tissue machine and become the most ideal fashion product for consumers.


Since Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD. always believes that the sanitizing wet wipe dispenser is a product with broad market prospects, it has continued to invest manpower, material and financial resources in research and development over the past few years, and continue to improving stability, reducing costs to improve performance of sanitizing wipe dispenser, striving to bring you the most convenient machine. We look forward to working with you!


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