How to arrange lobby hotel equipment?
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How to arrange lobby hotel equipment?

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How to arrange lobby hotel equipment?

The hotel lobby is the place where guests check in and check out,the transportation center leading to the guest rooms and other major public spaces of the hotel and the hub of the entire hotel. Its hotel design, hotel layout design and unique atmosphere created will Directly affect the hotel's image and its own function. Therefore, when designing hotel lobby and purchasing lobby hotel equipment, you need to know as much as possible.


  • The style of the hotel lobby

  • Hotel lobby equipment in different zones



The style of the hotel lobby


(1) Garden style

The entrance of this type of hotel covers a large area, usually surrounded by a smooth carriage return line and have various creative patterns and signs composed of green trees and flowers. Also, it is supplemented by lobby equipment such as sculptures, garden lamp posts, and delicate railings. With proper embellishment, the whole store is filled with a strong natural atmosphere.

(2) Classical

This is a type of design and decoration with strong traditional colors. The antique chandelier, exquisite classical paintings and unique stair railing in the lobby allow guests to feel the simplicity and elegance of the lobby space. These lobby equipment are the application of various new materials such as matt paint, colored metal plates and embossed styling plates, etc. which brings new vitality to the design and decoration of the hotel lobby.

(3) Modern style

This type of lobby design and decoration pursues neatness, lightness and smooth lines. For example, the spherical shape on the top of the lobby and the circular pattern on the ground echo each other, and are combined with curved walls and light colors. The top surface of the lobby is designed to flash lights like stars, which makes guests feel as if they are in space. It can be seen that these lobby hotel equipment are full of modernity.


Hotel lobby equipment in different zones

(1) Front desk

The front desk is one of the main functional areas of a hotel, providing services such as consultation, check-in, check-out, and valuables storage. Therefore, the hotel lobby equipment needed at the front desk includes computer, standing counter, telephone and credit card machine and other service tools.

(2) Rest area

The rest area serves as a guide to regulate the flow of people in the lobby and embellish the mood of the lobby. It is usually isolated from other areas to provide guests with quiet. Usually, high-quality furniture, lamps, artworks, green potted plants and other hotel lobby equipment will be placed here.

(3) Public toilet

The toilets in the hotel lobby are generally consistent with the interior decoration standards of the hotel, and the equipment is also very complete, including disabled toilets and cleaning tool storage rooms.

(4) Channel

The hotel lobby is an important hub of the hotel, which can lead to various areas, so the hotel lobby equipment will include elevators, disabled entrances, awnings, etc. providing convenience for guests to check in and travel.


The hotel lobby is the facade of the hotel, at the same time, the hotel lobby equipment is also a reflection of the image. Therefore, for a hotel, the lobby equipment needs to be carefully selected to add features and advantages to the hotel.


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