How to arrange retractable posts?
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How to arrange retractable posts?

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How to arrange retractable posts?

Retractable posts, also called one-meter line, whose main function is to maintaining public order and keeping public distance. The design of retractable posts also fully caters to people's motion, because the safety distance among people is exactly one meter. Nowadays, because of the need for security, they are more and more widely used. However, how to arrange the placement of polished retractable posts isn’t that easy.


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  • How to apply functions of retractable posts?

  • How to arrange retractable posts?

  • How can you get customized retractable posts?


How to apply functions of retractable posts?

When retractable posts were introduced into our country, they were first used in places such as securities service agencies, hospitals, banks, airports and other counters. This is one of the good means to maintain urban public order.

It is precisely because the design of retractable posts is short, simple, and bright in color, it will be noticed in many public places and play a necessary role. Therefore, in many important occasions, we will see the existence of retractable posts, which are mainly used to guide direction and isolation. In many banks, we will find the existence of retractable posts, which is mainly used to isolate and prevent depositor passwords from being peeked. There are also retractable posts in the subway station, which are mainly used to maintain the order of getting on and off the subway, evacuate the crowd, and make everything in the subway station orderly.

Today, retractable posts have been widely used in public places and industrial fields. Even many companies will use polished retractable posts as a reserve of fixed assets at the front desk of the company, and put retractable posts in the canteen as a queuing criterion. They can also put them in the workshop for isolation and protection, and prohibit passengers going into warehouse. They can not only enhance the company's image, but also give people a sense of dignity and security. At the same time, it is a safety protection product that is loved by customers.


How to arrange retractable posts?

People who frequently visit the museum will notice that after entering the museum or exhibition hall, they will see rows of retractable posts besieging the walls, separating tourists and cultural relics. These ones are either square or straight, which protects the exhibits while guiding the path.

The cultural relics in the museum are generally not placed high. Therefore, when choosing retractable posts, it is best not to choose ones that are too large and affect visitors. For the location of retractable posts, these places are often the most important places to pay attention to: for example, on both sides of the main aisle for entry, next to the service desk, waiting area, etc., especially when there are many people on the festival, these places can use higher ones.

These are the roles of retractable posts in the museum. In fact, managers should arrange them to different occasions. The retractable posts used in different occasions must be considered from the perspective of humanity. Choose the appropriate polished retractable posts and set a reasonable position. While preventing crowds, it is as convenient as possible to enhance the comfort of the exhibitors.


How can you get customized retractable posts?

The customization of which is to produce retractable posts and services according to consumer needs, which can avoid idleness caused by unsalable retractable posts, reduce inventory costs, avoid rupture of the capital chain, and get out of marketing difficulties. Ordering retractable posts can also fulfill buyers’ wishes and improve the company's reputation and influence. The production of retractable posts should be able to quickly adapt to market changes and fit the trend. There are three main parts that retractable posts can be customized:

  • Retractable head

The first place that can be customized is the top of polished retractable posts, where LOGO text can be customized.

  • Belt

The second place that can be customized is that the color. Of course, logo and slogan of the retractable strap can also be customized.

  • Base & Column

The third place that can be customized is the rod body and chassis, including specifications and colors, which can be selected according to your needs.


The domestic market of which has a relatively short development history and is in a growth and exploration stage. If it is to form a mature market, it still faces greater challenges. Although under the general background, home security products such as crowd prevent retractable posts will have a blowout development and have great potential. Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD. strives to provide you with the most suitable customized service, we look forward to your order.


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