How to choose Hotel Extra Bed?
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How to choose Hotel Extra Bed?

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How to choose Hotel Extra Bed?

For hotels, extra beds are a must-have item in hotel furniture. Although most customers will choose the right room type according to the number of people staying, for the service provider, the hotel needs to be well prepared to solve the various problems of customers. So, what should we pay attention to when choosing an extra bed?




What is Hotel Extra Bed?

How to choose Hotel Extra Bed?



What is an extra bed?


First of all, the hotel extra bed is to increase the bed for customers. Usually, adding bed service is provided before customers check in. When a customer requests an extra bed from the hotel, the hotel will contact the foreman to take out the extra bed, check and wipe it, and then take it to the room to make the bed. Generally, this service is not free. The hotel will record the room number, and at the same time, increase the number of related low-consumption products and spare parts in this room.



How to choose Hotel Extra Bed?


Many types of extra beds can be found in the market, with different sizes, styles, and materials. For operators, most hotels will consider cost first. However, this is not the most important consideration. There are some other concerns that need to be considered by the hotel:

(1)Comfortable, moderately soft and hard. This is a feature that a general hotel room bed must have. The most important thing in the hotel industry is to make our guests feel at home, so the choice of the extra bed is very important. Imagine if the guest stays in the hotel, even the most basic sleep quality cannot be guaranteed, then how to reflect the high quality service of the hotel?

(2)Although extra beds in hotel rooms are not commonly used items, a good extra bed must also have strong and durable characteristics. The rate of damage to hotel supplies is relatively fast, so when purchasing an extra bed in a hotel, in terms of the hotel's economic expenditure, it should also choose a more durable product.

(3)They should be easy to use and easy to store. Extra beds in hotel rooms are not commonly used hotel supplies, so we must consider the space for them when not in use. Therefore, beds that can be folded are the most suitable for hotels.

(4)The appearance of the extra bed in the room should match the overall environment of the hotel room. The style of hotel supplies will greatly affect the tourists' impression of the hotel, so many hotel supplies will have high requirements for the style. Extra beds in hotels are no exception. In addition to requiring comfort, the appearance also needs to have the characteristics or decoration style of the hotel.


Although extra beds may not be commonly used in hotels, any of the hotel's services are a reflection of the image, so when buying this kind of furniture, you should pay attention to various details in order to provide better services to customers.


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