How to deal with the surface of stanchion posts?
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How to deal with the surface of stanchion posts?

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How to deal with the surface of stanchion posts?

The New Year in 2020 is unusual. Although the current epidemic is effectively controlled and the state allows the resumption of work and production, the protection using polished stanchion posts cannot be sloppy. In this case, retractable posts need to be widely used in various public places. For producers like us, the appearance of which is of huge significance to attract consumers. Do you know how can we produce the seamless surface?


Here is the content list:

  • How do we choose materials of stanchion posts?

  • What are reasons for defects on the surface of stanchion posts?

  • How to solve problems of stanchion posts surface?


How do we choose materials of stanchion posts?

The material we use to produce stanchion posts is easy to recycle, will not pollute the environment, and meet the current strict environmental protection concept. Therefore, in today's highly developed materials science, our stanchion posts still have irreplaceable advantages. Among the many retractable posts’ brands at home and abroad, they have a wide range of applications and good development prospects.

Craft of welding is the key to connecting the column body and base of stanchion posts. Our stanchion posts adopt the most advanced welding process in the world. While ensuring the process is simple and reliable, the welding seam strength is higher than the strength of raw pieces and greatly extended service life.


What are reasons for defects on the surface of stanchion posts?

The flaws that appear on the surface of stanchion posts can be roughly divided into two types, burrs and scratches. If you don't observe carefully or touch the retractable posts with your hands, it is more difficult to find burrs; scratches of stanchion posts are more common and look more conspicuous.

  • Burrs

On the surface of stanchion posts, burrs are irregularly distributed. Due to a variety of reasons, most of which are details of hygiene issues, the surface of which will be stained with burrs during production. The treatment of this kind of blemish is relatively simple, you can easily blow off the burrs on the stanchion posts with a blower.

  • Scratches

The cause of scratches on stanchion posts is a bit complicated. It may be caused by problems with the processing system or improper operation of personnel, making them pulled out instantly when the profile shakes or the mold rebounds instantly. The scratches are deeply embedded in the surface of the stanchion posts, so it is difficult to remove them by wiping.

It can be seen that there are many factors that can cause surface defects and reflect the experience and level of the operators of retractable posts. The precise retractable posts require high surface quality, and each process is closely coordinated, and the subsequent processes also pay greater efforts for this.


How to solve problems of stanchion posts surface?

First of all, manufacturers need to choose the most precise retractable posts mold specifications according to the diameter, wall thickness, unit weight and existing models of stanchion posts, combined with the order requirements sent by customers, to improve the sanitation of the production environment and reduce the formation of surface defects.

Second, manufacturers should increase the strength of mold. In actual production, the greater the elastic deformation of the stanchion posts mold, the greater the possibility of surface defects. The stability of the mold largely determines the quality of a whole batch of stanchion posts.

In addition, manufacturers need to pay special attention to whether there is a gap between the stanchion posts mold and the workpiece, which will cause cracks. If the end face of one of the stanchion posts is not flat, it will leave room for deformation of the stanchion posts mold during extrusion production.To solve these problems, it is necessary for the personnel of each position to continuously analyze and summarize on the basis of practice to achieve the purpose of improving the yield and production efficiency.


According to the current situation and policies of the epidemic, Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD.'s polished stanchion posts have resumed work and production, and continue to provide you with the best retractable posts. The stock is ready and the specifications are complete. You can also call or visit our website to customize your exclusive stanchion posts. We look forward to your visit!


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