How to do daily maintenance of retractable posts?
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How to do daily maintenance of retractable posts?

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How to do daily maintenance of retractable posts?

A retractable post is a sturdy upright device that provides support for other objects. It can be permanent or independent. The retractable post guides customers and patrons, telling them where to line up, not at checkout counters and ticket lines. Retractable posts are also important safety devices during the holiday sales season and in large stadiums, because they allow customers to organize in an orderly and efficient manner, reducing the likelihood of crowds flooding or crowding. Now let’s look at the maintenance of retractable posts.

Here is the content list:

 Regular inspection

 Gently used

 Daily cleaning

 Store in shade

 Wax regularly 

Regular inspection

Any item will wear and tear or malfunction in the process of use, so is the crowd control retractable post. Therefore, daily maintenance and regular inspection are the basis to ensure that the equipment can be in the best working efficiency. Determining a small period, regularly check the rope and post of the retractable post for rust, fall off or damage. If there is, it should be replaced.

Gently used

In the process of using the retractable post, be sure to act gently and gently. Do not be violent. Use gently to reduce wear and tear on the crowd control retractable post, thus improving its durability. When you put the retractable post back after use, check the post carefully for stains. If so, clean it up before you store it. At the same time, pay attention to the placement environment of the retractable post when using. In use, to ensure that the bottom of the post drainage and surrounding clean, in order to ensure the service life and performance of the retractable post.

Daily cleaning

For daily cleaning of the crowd control retractable post, it is only necessary to wipe it with cotton cloth every day to ensure that no water stains and dust remain on the post surface. This is a very simple job. Keep the post clean so that it does not leave any traces of use and always looks brand new.

Store in shade

The storage environment is a very important factor that affects the service life of an article. Store retractable posts in a cool and ventilated place to avoid humidity and sun exposure.

Wax regularly 

The appearance of the retractable post is high-end and decent. Regular waxing can ensure the appearance of the advanced sense, and also improve its service life. This is an important part of its maintenance.  If the retractable post has rust and other phenomena, it should be replaced to avoid bringing more trouble.

The daily maintenance of the crowd control retractable post is relatively simple. Just handle it gently when using the retractable post, clean and inspect it regularly, and keep it in a cool place. It's a simple job and the most important thing is to be patient. As long as the retractable post is well maintained, it can greatly improve its durability and extend its service time.


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