How to package stanchion posts?
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How to package stanchion posts?

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How to package stanchion posts?

With the improvement of people's material level, there are higher requirements for the packaging of polished retractable posts. Where there are retractable posts, there are packaging. It can be said that the packaging industry plays an important role in the transportation, preservation and development of stanchion posts.


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  • How to put stanchion posts into package?

  • What are excellent properties of stanchion posts?

  • How to ensure excellent properties during delivery of stanchion posts?


How to put stanchion posts into package?

We strictly control the quality of stanchion posts and have domestic leading production and testing equipment. Through continuous technological transformation of the production line, we maintain the level of equipment and always maintain the leading position in the country.

We organize the production of stanchion posts in strict accordance with relevant standards, and implement full control from the purchase of raw pieces to the delivery of finished products to ensure the quality of the products. The stanchion posts sold are suitable for various scenarios from the home environment to public places.

Nowadays, to meet growing demand, our company tends to use a variety of packaging materials for stanchion posts. They can perfectly protect the retractable posts during transportation, has good air tightness, and avoids bumps and collisions during transportation to cause damage to the retractable posts.

Our packaging products are safe and sanitary, non-leakage, easy to use. You can choose strong corrugated boxes or calcium plastic corrugated boxes with aluminum foil tape. Or you can specify the packaging. Our stanchion posts will be sent for testing regularly, and the quality is strictly guaranteed. Whether you use it for export or local sales, you can rest assured.


What are excellent properties of stanchion posts?

Since materials play an important role in the production, the development of significant performance and distinctive stanchion posts materials is an important link in the process of innovation. Our retractable posts strictly use 304 stainless steel to ensure that it has the performance that meets the standards.

  • Durability

The column body of stanchion posts can be closely connected with the base, it is not easy to fall nor loose after welding, and the wind pressure strength of the security measures is enhanced, so that the decoration surface color is also diversified and can be placed in various shapes, which can better express the characteristics you want to show.

  • High temperature resistance

Stanchion posts will not melt even when exposed to high temperatures, but form a hole-like char that produces less smoke and is resistant to ignition and resists flame extension.

  • Safety

Through the special craft of our factory, stainless-steel with good casting properties can be obtained. The use of stainless-steel for retractable posts can not only ensure the safety of the column itself, but also ensure that the goods will not be affected by the harsh external environment, and the use effect is better.


How to ensure excellent properties during delivery of stanchion posts?

Despite the selection of package, you should also pay attention to the following points during the shipping process to make the retractable posts arrive as new as they just left the factory.

First of all, the quality of which must start from the source. After the polished stanchion posts are produced, let it cool down until the temperature is the same as the outside temperature before packaging. The better way is to wrap the retractable posts completely with aluminum foil, and put a few bags of desiccant inside.

Secondly, on the way to transport retractable posts, if there is rain, you should try to prevent rainwater from infiltrating into the stanchion posts package. During use, cleaning the surface of stanchion posts also helps to extend its life.

When the stanchion posts are unloaded from the car and sent to the dealer or the customer, you must choose a well-ventilated and high-rise place in the warehouse to keep the retractable posts dry. In this way, the coating on the surface will not be damaged, and the interior will not be rusted.


It is a great honor that many supermarkets, shopping malls, and banks have adopted Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD.'s polished stanchion posts, which are placed at the entrance, cashier settlement, and waiting area. We also provide you with the fastest crowd resist stanchion posts delivery service and the most intimate after-sales service, with traceable quality throughout.


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