How to test lobby furniture quality?
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How to test lobby furniture quality?

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How to test lobby furniture quality?

The hotel lobby is the facade of a hotel, and the lobby furniture can more or less directly or indirectly affect the first visual effect of the whole lobby. Lobby luxury furniture is well placed, can appear the lobby gorgeous and tidy. The lobby furniture is not well placed, it will appear that the lobby is messy. And the quality of the lobby furniture will affect the grade of furniture. Let's take a look at how to test the quality of lobby furniture.


Here is the content list:

l  The intensity of testing

l  Safety performance

l  Touch the surface

l  Feel the smell


The intensity of testing

The panel strength of the lobby furniture can be pressed by fingers to feel the firmness of the panel. One side of the material should be a well-shaped skeleton to fix, if the skeleton is sparse, according to the surface will feel empty and unreal, panel vibration is great. The drawer bottom should be pressed by hand to test its strength. General clapboard bottom multi-layer plate, the clapboard with a large area should be made of five layers of the board.


Safety performance

Obtain whether there is any tilting phenomenon in the drawer or door frame of the furniture in the lobby, whether there is any crooked part caused by the low technical level of the tenon or the eye hole is too large, the tenon is not strict, etc. Woody furniture should have safety and stability. When the two cabinet doors open 90 degrees, with the hand forward light pull, the cabinet should not automatically tilt forward. Individual parts of the lobby furniture (such as legs, drawers, cabinet doors or brackets) must have sufficient support. Test the furniture by nudging the top corner or sitting on the side.


Touch the surface

Place your hand on the surface of the hotel lobby furniture and carefully check that the finish is smooth. In particular, to check the foot of the table and other parts of the rough, paint brush whether there are stripes, the Angle of the paint is too thick, whether there are cracks or bubbles. When the panel is covered with veneer or other materials, the color and luster of the panel should be similar to that of the complete set of products. The paint film on the surface of the product is not allowed to wrinkle, stick and leak.


Feel the smell

Odors should not be stimulating. Environment-friendly lobby furniture should be free of pungent odor, which does not irritate eyes, nose and throat. If you smell the lobby furniture and find the smell is stimulating, you need to pay attention to it. The stronger the pungent smell, the higher the formaldehyde content may be. But, although the taste of a few pieces of furniture is not heavy, qualitative quality is unqualified still however.


The appearance quality of the lobby furniture first requires the lobby furniture table level, fine workmanship, exquisite decoration, clear texture and beautiful. The material properties of different substrates and covering materials are also different. Failure to pay attention to the properties of materials and the correct use method will often lead to the warpage of the plate.


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