Introduction to the types of housekeeping trolley for cleaning carts
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Introduction to the types of housekeeping trolley for cleaning carts

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Introduction to the types of housekeeping trolley for cleaning carts

A very good housekeeping trolley is a great helper for the staff's hard work. Giving customers a feeling of premium and luxury. Housekeeping trolley is also divided into many types.

It gives customers a feeling of high class and luxury. The cleaning trolley is also divided into many kinds

Multi-purpose housekeeping trolley

Multi-purpose room service trolley

Cloth trolley

Tray collection trolley

Waste removal dumping bucket truck

Work trolley


Multi-purpose housekeeping trolley

Multi-purpose housekeeping trolley is a multi-purpose housekeeping trolley equipped with garbage bags, mops, brooms, garbage pick-up clips, cleaning buckets, water squeezing buckets, shovels, dust pushes, wax mops, cleaning agents and other cleaning supplies.

The housekeeping trolley is generally made of new high-quality plastic, high strength and thick structure, strong load-bearing capacity, can store all kinds of cleaning tools and cleaning agents, moreover, it is equipped with 100 litres vinyl garbage collection bag, the bottom wheels of the car are designed with rubber casters, which not only brings great convenience, but also reduces labour intensity, and the cleaning speed can be increased.


Multi-purpose room service trolley

Multi-purpose room service cart is mainly made of high-quality plastic, high strength structure, each side with a top design classification compartment, easy to place all kinds of items, some room service carts also use door design, can temporarily store items, give people a good, wonderful visual effect, is the best selection of star hotels, hotels, leisure clubs and tea restaurants, etc. supplies!


Cloth cart

Cloth trolley mainly includes square cloth trolley, X-type cloth trolley, fibreglass cloth trolley, laundry cloth trolley, which is widely used to carry sanitary materials for environmental protection and cleaning work, and also can be used to carry materials, reflecting the image of more professional cleaning services.

Square cloth grass cart, X-type cloth grass cart configuration nylon bag a, the bottom is 4 movable rubber wheel, can save labour and cost, and professional rubber material production rubber wheel, effective protection of the ground and carpet, prevent noise, easy to push and parking, cloth grass cart service car modelling simple, generous, practical, cost-effective.

Fibreglass fabric trolley, laundry fabric trolley is made of tempered glass fibre, special technology, smooth on both sides, with light and durable, beautiful, large load, anti-corrosion, a wide range of uses.


Tray collection cart

It is a kind of flat transport equipment, which is generally designed with silent rubber wheels. It is convenient and practical to work in a small area and can collect a large number of tableware at one time, which reduces the work intensity of personnel, and thus is widely used in hotel kitchens, hospital services and other occasions.

Multi-purpose three-layer trolley

Multi-purpose three-layer trolleys can easily realize the handling of food, materials, etc. It is a kind of flat transport equipment, which is generally designed with silent rubber wheels, its convenience and practicality in small-scale operation, and three-layer space design, so it is widely used in the transportation of goods in hotels, guesthouses, restaurants and other places.


Waste removal and dumping bucket truck

Waste removal dumping bucket truck is generally made of thick and smooth body, beautiful and generous appearance, heavy-duty casters and pure rubber; it can dump the materials in the bucket truck smoothly and easily and is suitable for the transportation of waste or raw materials in various public places.


Work trolley

It is a kind of plane transportation equipment, which is convenient, practical and stable to work in a small area, suitable for a small amount of temporary short-distance cargo handling, widely used in factories, office buildings, libraries, hotels, catering industry, logistics and other material handling industries.


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