Problems that arise during the application of hotel luggage cart
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Problems that arise during the application of hotel luggage cart

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Problems that arise during the application of hotel luggage cart

As a tool used in the public areas of the hotel, the hotel luggage cart, like the lobby, is the face of a hotel. The ability of the luggage staff to use the hotel luggage cart to deliver luggage to the room safely and quickly helps to enhance the guests' recognition of the hotel's service standards. Avoid using the process of damage to the guests' luggage and the hotel's belongings, causing unnecessary losses to the guests and the hotel. But hotel luggage cart with the use of time will inevitably have some dirty things, then how to clean?

l  Dust, floating iron powder or embedded iron

l  Scratches and rust spots

l  Hot tempering colour and other oxidation layers

l  Rough grinding and machining

l  Welding arc marks


Dust, floating iron powder or embedded iron

The production is often carried out in a dusty site, and the air often carries a lot of dust, which constantly falls on the surface of the hotel luggage cart. They can be removed with water or alkaline solution. However, dust and dirt with adhesion need high-pressure water or steam for cleaning.

On any surface, free iron will rust and cause corrosion of stainless steel. Therefore, it must be removed. The floating powder can generally be removed with dust. Some of the adhesion is very strong and must be handled by the embedded iron. In addition to dust, the surface iron from many sources, including ordinary carbon steel wire brush cleaning and blasting with sand, glass beads or other abrasives previously used on plain carbon steel, low-alloy steel or cast iron parts, or in stainless steel parts and equipment near the previously mentioned non-stainless steel products for regrinding. In the down or hanging over the process if not to take protective measures for stainless steel, wire rope, spreader and iron on the table surface is easy to embed or tarnish the surface.


Scratches and rust spots

To prevent the hotel luggage cart from the process of lubricant or generation and/or dirt accumulation, scratches and other rough surfaces must be mechanically cleaned (such as dry sandblasting, abrasive with glass beads).

Rust is sometimes seen on stainless steel products or equipment before or during fabrication, which indicates that the surface is heavily contaminated. Equipment must be put into use before the rust is removed, thoroughly cleaned surface should be tested by iron test and/or water test.


Thermal tempering and other oxide layers

If the stainless steel is heated to a certain high temperature in the air during the welding or grinding process, both sides of the weld, the lower surface of the weld and the bottom will appear chromium oxide hot temper colour. Hot temper colour is thinner than the protective oxide film and is clearly visible. The colour is determined by the thickness and can be iridescent, blue, purple to pale yellow and brown. Thicker oxides are generally black. It is caused by high temperatures or long periods of time at higher heights. When any of these oxides are present, the chromium content of the metal surface is reduced, causing a decrease in the corrosion resistance of these areas. In this case, not only should the hot temper colour and other oxide layers be eliminated, but also the chromium-poor metal layer underneath the hotel luggage cart should be cleaned.


Rough grinding and machining

Both grinding and machining can cause the hotel luggage cart surface to be rough, leaving defects such as grooves, overlaps and burrs. Each defect may also make the metal surface damage to a certain depth, so that the damaged metal surface can not be cleaned up by pickling, electropolishing or shot blasting (such as dry sandblasting, abrasive glass beads) and other methods. Rough surfaces can become the source of corrosion and deposition of generators, cleaning weld defects before rewelding or removing excess weld reinforcement high can not be ground with coarse grinding. For the latter case, should then be ground with fine abrasive.


Welding arc pilot marks

Welders in hotel luggage cart metal surface arc piloting can cause surface roughness defects. The protective film is damaged, leaving a potential source of corrosion. The welder should draw the arc on the already welded channel or the side of the weld joint. Then fuse the pilot arc trace into the weld.


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