Regulations on the use of luggage carts in hotels
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Regulations on the use of luggage carts in hotels

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The use of hotel luggage cart regulations: luggage trolley as the use of a tool in hotel public area, as well as the lobby is a facade of the hotel, the bellboy will be able to use the bellman cart safety, quickly will deliver the baggage to help the guest room in the hotel's service level. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid damaging the guests' luggage and hotel items during the use of the hotel, causing unnecessary loss to guests and hotels.

The use of the bellman luggage carts for hotel:

1. Select the stainless steel luggage cart according to the type, quantity, volume and weight of luggage.

2. Place the deluxe luggage trolley. Arrange the deluxe stainless steel luggage cart according to the specified position when not in use, and park in a gentle road, and keep the appropriate distance between the luggage carts.

Precautions for baggage loading: careful placement; The heavy luggage was placed below, and the light luggage was placed on it; Large luggage is placed below, small luggage is placed above; The pressure - proof luggage is placed below, easily damaged luggage on top.

Standard push of hotel luggage cart: hold the handrail with both hands and keep the average speed; Always maintain the universal wheel at the back, the fixed wheel in front; Do not drag hotel  luggage cart with one hand.

Guest and turn: meet the guest to take the initiative to avoid, the guest walk first and say hello, if meet the guest to stand in the way, can stop to have polite guest to give way.Slow down before turning, and bend as far as you can.

How to get in and out of the elevator: stand on the side of the elevator door when waiting for the elevator, and park the luggage cart alongside to avoid affecting others. Avoid taking one step elevator with guests; On the way, the guest USES the elevator, can apologize to the guest, ask him to take the next elevator.

Instructions for use of luggage trolley: pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the 304 stainless steel luggage cart, and keep the bellman cart in good appearance.In the middle of the night, you need to lubricate the wheel of the luggage cart and avoid the sound of luggage cart when you use.

Pay special attention to the front of the hotel luggage cart and the left and right side of the hotel luggage cart. Avoid the luggage trolley to touch the elevator, the wall paper and the door, so as not to damage the property of the hotel and increase the maintenance cost.

When pushing the lobby bellman cart, pay attention to the hotel guests. Do not touch or injure guests.


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