Retractable crowd control barrier
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Retractable crowd control barrier

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Retractable crowd control barrier

Retractable post also call crowd control barrier, consists of three parts: Pole, base cover, base weight. The top of the pole with a scalable webbing, when using can pull out and attached on the other post, according to the actual arrangement in a row or round into square polygon, as the isolation of exhibits or dangerous areas.

Retractable crowd control barriers are widely used in Banks, post office, theater, airport, station, hospital, airport, subway, shopping malls supermarket cashier's cash trading places customer property and information security, exhibition centers, hotels, clubs, business building as mobile isolation protection system, to maintain order, division of scope, it is the best choice for guiding the route!



The pole and base cover bar of Retractable crowd control barrier are made of high quality 201 stainless steel or Aluminium. The finish can be Polish/Brushed /Titanium gold/Black power coated.


Base type for option:

1)Dia 320mm Horn base with 5.4kg Rubber base weight

2)Dia 350mm Flat base with 8.0kg Rubber base weight

3)Dia 360mm Taper base with 8.0kg Rubber base weight

4)Dia 320mm Horn base with 9.0kg Rubber base weight

5)Dia 350mm Flat base with 5.4kg Rubber base weight


Available size & color for the webbing

1) Retractable webbing size: 2m, 2.5m,3.0m

2) can choose different color webbing belt:Black, blue, red, yellow, green, grey

3) customized logo: to print the client’s logo on the webbing.


Today we would like to recommend below hot sales items


1)Model:#2445111 Stainless Steel Retractable Post Crowd Control Belt Barrier

It is Ø51mm stainless steel tube in Polished finish, goes with Ø63mm stainless steel removable belt head, Self-retracting 2 metre strap in red color.

With One start and 3 attachment points.Dia 320mm horn base equipped with non marking anti slip rubber (9kgs ruber base weight).Overall size: Ø320*985(H)mm


2)Model:#2423414 Aluminium Retractable post Crowd Control Belt Barrier

It is ø73mm Aluminum tube in Black powder coating(Tube thickness: 0.7mm., with black 2.0m length belt, Dia 360mm Taper base equipped with non marking anti slip rubber (8kgs ruber base weight).Overall size:ø360*1040Hmm


In addition, we have the SIGN HOLDER for Retractable Post Crowd Control Belt Barrier. Sign holders to take slide in message. Attractive, easy to use slide in sign holder to fit our retractable stanchions. With acrylic cover. A4 portrait size.

For more products information, please review our or contact us for further information.


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