The basic structure of retractable post.
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The basic structure of retractable post.

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The basic structure of retractable post.

With the development of the times and the increasing number of people, it is an important matter to maintain order in crowds in public places. As a result, more and more warning props have been invented, such as the retractable post, which, by separating crowds, is a good way of avoiding chaotic situations due to overcrowding. The product we are introducing today is the retractable post, the functions and basic construction of which will be mentioned in this article.


·The basic structure of retractable post.

·The advantages of retractable posts.

·How to select a retractable post?


The basic structure of retractable post.


The main purpose of a retractable post, also known as a crowd control barrier, is to control the direction of the crowd by forming a barrier as well as. It consists of three parts: the upright post, the base cover, and the base weight. It is a stainless steel product with a brushed finish. In recent years, retractable posts have been promoted in many parts of the country, airports, stations, pavilions, etc. are placed in an orderly manner. retractable posts have also become one of the essential products, using them not only to effectively maintain crowd order but also to play a certain role in safety warnings.


The advantages of retractable posts.


·Easy to operate

The retractable post is simple to operate. The efficient design is easy to set up and store. To use, simply pull the webbing from the strap and attach it to the second post to create an instant barrier.



With their low production costs, these retractable barriers are the cheapest option for queue management in banks, trade fairs, hotels, and retail outlets.


These are the main advantages of the retractable post. When using the retractable post, we need to combine the different kinds of characteristics to use, so as to be able to play the maximum operation of the retractable post. In addition, some small details may affect the overall use of the retractable post.


How to select a retractable post?


As the material of the retractable posts is stainless steel, we can use the same criteria for selecting stainless steel products when selecting them.


·Judging texture

Feel the texture of a stainless steel product, generally good stainless steel, bright color, smooth, moderate thickness. Do not pick the kind of feel the surface has obvious pull marks and shows roughness. If the surface of the retractable posts rough, it means that it is not of good quality and will affect the use.


·Choose the manufacturer

Stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance and mass production has also brought down the cost of its materials considerably, so it is normal for the use of this material to increase. However, there are no specific legal requirements for the production of non-rusting products, so some small manufacturers are interested in using the right amount of unqualified raw materials by reducing costs. When choosing a manufacturer, it is best to choose one that is well known and large in scale to avoid after-sales disputes.


To summarize, this is all the information about our retractable posts. Our retractable posts also have non-slip rubber rims that protect the floor from scratching and keep the retractable posts stable. We have more than 10 years of experience in producing retractable posts, and I hope our products can bring you the most satisfying experience.


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