The cleanliness of buffetware cannot be ignored
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The cleanliness of buffetware cannot be ignored

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The cleanliness of buffetware cannot be ignored

The cleanliness of buffetware cannot be ignored

Portion control is another factor to consider when using buffetware, as size can have a negative impact on food costs. Manufacturers have developed containers of various sizes with shallow depths. These containers present the appearance of more food with less product, which helps minimize waste. In this case, spare containers are necessary for consistent food replenishment. For the same reason, buffetware with larger rims portrays the appearance of larger plates. This encourages customers to reduce portion sizes in case of self-service.


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Cleaning of buffetware

Take a look at several of the buffet tableware we have on sale


Cleaning of buffetware

With buffetware, caterers should be able to get at least three to five years of usage out of smaller individual units. That said, larger custom units have a longer life expectancy. Proper maintenance of equipment always plays a huge role in determining the life cycle of these components.

Buffetware does not require extensive cleaning if properly maintained during operation. Daily cleaning is as simple as using a non-abrasive cleaner and wiping down the buffet utensils after each use or shift change. It is very important to ensure that all food residue is removed and that there is no baked-on residue on items and equipment. If there is heavy debris, use a light-duty scrubber in the dish room for a thorough cleaning. When the establishment has finished serving food for the day, drain all water from the unit and wipe it down. It's also important to make sure hot equipment is cool and to disconnect and unplug it during any cleaning process.

Quarterly or semi-annual preventive maintenance is recommended and provides an opportunity to ensure equipment continues to operate at peak efficiency.

The first step you can take to help maximize the life of your buffet and service equipment is to keep it functioning properly. Equipment that requires water to heat the product cannot function when dry. Caterers should regularly check the water level during use to ensure it is in good condition and has no burn holes that would otherwise require replacement. Regular cleaning and maintenance of refrigeration unit condensers ensure that the cooling system operates at peak efficiency. Keep the compressor cool to prolong the life of the equipment.


Take a look at several of the buffet tableware we have on sale

High-Quality Commercial MILK Stainless Steel Drink Dispenser

Product name: buffetware ceramic milk dispenser

Specifications: 550X220X430mm

Material: Ceramic

Volume: 6L+6L

Square double juice tower beverage machine

Product Name: (BEECH SEAT) Barrel Juicer

Specifications: 235X355X525mm

Material: extruded wood + glass

Volume: 6L+6L

Colorful durable stackable ABS restaurant buffetware food tray

Specifications: Tray

Material: ABS/polypropylene

Size 431*302*30.8mm

Color: Grey/Green/Red/Orange/Black/Blue

Finish: Painted/Woodgrain

Usage: hotel, restaurant, restaurant, wedding, banquet event

Warranty: 1 year

Hotel buffet display stand stainless steel three-layer perforated fruit plate

Product name: Three-layer stainless steel fruit plate for buffet display stand

Model: 122946

Size: D500*H610mm


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