The growing unique furniture & modern metal furniture
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The growing unique furniture & modern metal furniture

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Have you ever heard of "growing" furniture?

The English man, Gavin Munro, turned the tree straight into a chair. Of course, he wasn't a carpenter. Gavin Munro grew up dreaming of a chair and a table. When he grew up, he bought farmland in Derbyshire, planted trees, and molded the trees into chairs. Gavin Munro wants to use this method as a chair, and because he believes in frugality, he doesn't like the carpenter cutting out the excess wood. Gavin Munro specializes in gardening in the United States, where he learns how to use apple trees and oaks to make chair tables. Gavin Munro's British man spent 10 years developing 400 chairs.Of course, each chair is a unique piece of art.

However, in real life, we also need more chairs. Gavin Munro's 400 chairs are far from enough to meet hotel and restaurant requirements, but Laicozy can meet.

Laicozy company is  a professional chair manufacturing factory with advanced production lines, exquisite welding technology and novel design. We have a sample room with a variety of new, best-selling banquet chairs. High quality banquet steel chair , good quality dining aluminium chair, aluminium bar stool, new design aluminium coffee chair, good quality steel chair for hotel, new design high quality dining chair for restaurant , modern sofa for lobby,and so on.

Our good quality chairs are popular all over the world. Such as American ,Cyprus ,Germany, Portugal, Italy, Dubai, Saudi Arabia ,Britain, Sri Lanka, South Africa.etc.

Regarding the banquet chair, different quality standard is different price. compared the aluminium banquet chair USD15-20 aluminium banquet chair in the market, it looks the same as our chair at the beginning. When we checked the quality, there are some difference:

--Firstly, to choose the raw material and cutting, and the seat foam density.

--secondly, the welding, some is few spot welding, while we will use weld more to make chairs more strong, and normally, our factory will polish after welding to make chair nicer.

--Thirdly, the painting. we adopt full automation painting production line for oil painting, to grit blasting in order to make the metal attach the paint more easily, and do bottom painting 4 times and 1 times colour paints. (some factory only make 2 times),

then make the top paintings, which use 320℃ to heat the painting for 30 minutes to ensure the painting to be glossy and durable, that's why our chair looks more elegant.

--Fourth, side bar: we are adding this side bar to make the chairs stronger.

Whose chair will you choose? Gavin Munro or Laicozy ? 


LAICOZY was set up with an aim to be a central contact point between the various factories owned and operated by the group.
The group owns several factories like Hotel equipments factory, Banquet Furniture Factory, Crowd Control Systems factory, Hotel Furniture FactoryApart from the products that LAICOZY group manufacturers, we also have excellent relations with other A-Class manufacturers who do OEM for us for us for various Hotel Products.


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