The types of housekeeping trolley
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The types of housekeeping trolley

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The types of housekeeping trolley

With the development of the times, there are more and more types of the trolley. Nowadays trolleys have become an essential item in modern homes and companies. The housekeeping lightweight stainless-steel trolley that we are introducing today is a type of trolley that can play an important role in hotels and other situations. In this article, we will answer the questions of our viewers by taking stock of the basic types and characteristics of housekeeping trolleys.


·The common types of housekeeping trolley.

·The characteristics of different housekeeping trolleys.

·How to use a housekeeping trolley?


The common types of housekeeping trolleys.


The main products of our housekeeping trolley are the Hotel housekeeping cart, the Laundry carts, and the Garment carts, which are also the main hotel equipment of our company. It is worth noting that the types of housekeeping trolley vary depending on the use scenario and that they also have different compositions. For example, Laundry carts have an aluminium frame and include a brown laundry bag as the main component. Garment carts, on the other hand, are mainly made of polished stainless-steel tubes.


The characteristics of different housekeeping trolleys.


·Laundry carts

The main purpose of the Laundry carts is to store foreign objects in the hotel. The basic structure is an aluminium frame including brown laundry bags with four wheels. It is one of the lowest costs and lightest housekeeping hotel dustbin trolleys and is usually used when the attendants are cleaning the rooms.


·Hotel housekeeping cart

The Hotel housekeeping cart is the most common type of housekeeping trolley, it has a greater load capacity than Laundry carts and is more durable. In terms of construction, both aluminium and steel maid trolleys have recessed laminates. In terms of color, it is available in mahogany, light OQK, dark OQK, and grey.


·Garment carts

The Garment carts have a more monotonous look and are made of polished stainless steel tubes. In terms of construction, it offers a more durable frame that can withstand heavy loads and stand the test of time.


These are the main types of housekeeping trolleys available from our company. Our housekeeping trolleys are available in a wide range of contemporary and unique designs, and you can choose from different types and colors to suit the style of your hotel. In the next section, we will explain some of the considerations regarding the use of housekeeping trolleys.


How to use a housekeeping trolley?


·Precautions before use

Before using the housekeeping trolley, it should be inspected and if it is loose or damaged, it should be repaired promptly. More specifically, check that it is clean, attractive, and secure. There should be no jagged items on the trolley or anything protruding that could cause a potential hazard.


·Caution in use

When using the housekeeping trolley, you need to ensure that goods are placed safely on the trolley and do not exceed the specified weight. When using it, you can add 1 convenience tray with open compartments on top to accommodate small items. Also, make sure that the area where you operate the trolley is suitable and not on steep slopes.


To sum up, the above is all the information about the precautions for using a housekeeping trolley. Obviously, the housekeeping trolley is an essential piece of equipment in hotels, and in the production of hotels, we have a professional team to check the quality of the product. As a result, our housekeeping trolley is of good quality, innovative and durable. In addition to the housekeeping fireproof indoor trolley, we also manufacture other hotel equipment, which is widely used in hotels, shopping malls, commercial buildings, real estate, hotels, and many more.


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