Three steps of using the stainless steel luggage carts
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Three steps of using the stainless steel luggage carts

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How to use the hotel luggage cart to send the luggage to the guestroom safely and quickly in a short time.


Luggage carts as a tool used in hotel public area, as well as the lobby is the image of the hotel, the bellboy can use bellman trolleys delivered the baggage room safety and quickly that helps to improve the guest recognition of hotel service level.

To avoid damage to guests' luggage and hotel items during use, causing unnecessary damage to guests and hotels.

Three steps of using the stainless steel luggage carts

1) Loading the luggage  

**Choose the suitable wheeled luggage cart

According to the number of luggage, volume and weight.

Handtruck: suitalbe for 3~4 luggages  

 Standard baggage cart:5~7luggages

** Placing the luggage cart properly 

 Put them away in order when not in use.

 Place them on a even ground 

** Baggage loading

 Loading the baggage lightly

 Heavy top and light bottom

 Big top small bottom

 Withstand pressure bottom and the damageable on the top

 Heavy front light back

 Try not to take any valuable

2) Delivery of Laggage

* The using of lobby bellman luggage cart.

 Holding the pushing bar and keep the walking speed.

 Always keep the "universal wheel in front , and the fixed wheel in the back"

 Don’t pushing the luggage by one hand.

**Meeting & Cornering  

Meet the guest to take the initiative to ask for the guest to go ahead and say hello, as if the guest in the way can stop politely to offer to give way.

Slow down before turning and try to bend at a large Angle.

** Notes in and out of elevator 

When waiting for the elevator, stand on the side of the elevator door and place the luggage cart on the side, so as to avoid affecting other people in and out.

Try to avoid taking the same elevator with guests. 

If you meet a guest on the way to use the elevator, apologize and ask him/her to take the next elevator.

If you meet a guest on the way using the elevator, to apologize and ask the guest to take the next elevator.

Before out of the elevator should apologizes to the guest and proceed cautiously and quickly after the guest move out of the way

3) Delivery to the guestroom

** Unloading baggage

Placing the baggage cart in the hallway against the wall, and unload the baggage from small to large on the baggage cart (Try not to push the baggage cart into the room.)

** Put the luggage on the luggage rack.

Each luggage rack can hold a maximum of 2 suitcases.

** Check luggage

After placing the luggage, to check with the guest to confirm the number of baggage and the packing is in good condition.

Check if there are any other luggage on the baggage car.


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