Tips of Using Hotel luggage trolley
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Tips of Using Hotel luggage trolley

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In the Star hotel lobby, you can see the luggage cart that used for carrying the luggage for guests. The Titanium gold body with bright-coloured red carpet, goes with 4pcs exquisitely deft universal pneumatic wheel that will not cause any noise on the marble floor. All of that to show the luxury of the hotel.

The hotel luggage carts are mainly made of stainless steel, titanium, copper and other materials. The types of luggage carts in the hotel can be divided into the following categories according to different manufacturing materials:

Titanium gold bellman trolley

Titanium luggage trolleys are made from titanium material, with toughness, corrosion resistance, silver, not black, not allergic to anybody, oxidation resistance is better, and titanium is the only metal plant nerve has no effect to human beings.

Stainless Steel luggage carts

The stainless steel luggage cart is made of stainless steel and has the advantages of toughness, corrosion resistance and silver brightness. However, the anti-oxidability is not as good as that of titanium.

Copper luggage carts

The copper luggage cart is made of copper, which has the advantages of toughness, durability, durability, anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, but the price is relatively high.

Notes for Using the hotel luggage trolley

While using the luggage trolley in the hotel, all knows the principle of "light up", "big down" and "pressure on the bottom". Usually it is to pack up it and pull away, but some small pieces of goods, lighter items on top.And the bellman is pulling the car forward, it is likely to drop some small pieces of luggage without notice.This will bring loss to guests and affect the service quality of the hotel.If you are pushing forward, your luggage will be visible, and your luggage will be discovered and stopped in time.

The baggage cart not only needs to be pushed but also has to be in front of the rear fixed wheel. The space in the elevator is relatively small, how can use the wheeled baggage cart quickly and maximize the space for the guests to use? Practice proved: universal wheel in pushing forward a solution to this problem, when the baggage cart and elevator door vertical propulsion, the elevator door from 15 to 30 degrees forward, will be after the front side direction next to depend, because universal wheel in the rear is relatively easy to do. Front wheel on the contrary, if the activities in the former, while can also pull over quickly, but because is fixed behind the wheel is not easy to move, can only be trolleys move side, in the case of the heavier luggage is not easy to do.

Tips of hotel luggage carts:

1.Pay attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the luggage cart, keep its appearance and elegant appearance. In the late night, you should refute the luggage cart to check the area, so as not to make the noise when carrying the luggage; 

2.Do not carry more than six ordinary luggage with a small luggage cart, while the maximum baggage cart can only carry 15 pieces of luggage with lightweight at the same time;

3.When using the luggage cart, you should be careful of the front and left side and the right side of the car, so that the luggage trolley will not touch the elevator, the wall paper and the door hang, so as not to damage the property of the hotel and increase the maintenance cost.


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