What are Restaurant Banquet Chairs made of?
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What are Restaurant Banquet Chairs made of?

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What are Restaurant Banquet Chairs made of?

Speaking of the banquet chair, I believe that everyone will be familiar with it, because it is a necessity in the restaurant, and careful friends will know that the material of the banquet chair will be slightly different. Next, I will give you a specific introduction.





  • The source of banquet chairs

  • The most popular banquet chair




The source of banquet chairs

Banquet chairs appeared in the hotel early, and are widely used in the hotel's banquet hall. Because of the requirements of the hotel's use, they have the following characteristics: light, comfortable and durable, easy to move quickly, easy to store, and easy to care for. Therefore, metal materials or metal combined with wood are generally used.


The most popular banquet chair

Wood-like metal banquet chairs have now become the mainstream of hotel establishments. Compared with the cost, metal is cheaper than solid wood, and solid wood banquet chairs do not have to worry about the quality of the chair. Metal is far more durable than solid wood. Secondly, a batch of metal is eliminated banquet chairs and chairs are very cost-effective and easy to handle, while low-end solid wood chairs are difficult to handle and have become a pity for the tasteless taste of food. There are not many chairs in many places, but there will be one or more parties every year, so many times the chairs will be sealed. If it is a solid wood chair, it is too wasteful, and the metal chair does not have to worry at all. This is also a special place to choose metal.

In addition, the banquet chairs made of metal are also very malleable. A lot of the required wood is worried about the material and transportation, but the metal can shape any style you want without worrying about the material. In the secondary processing, the cost is also very low. The metal banquet chair will increase the comfort while considering the imitation wood. The solid wood chair will also have a good touch under the bareest appearance, but the metal will not work, so it will make a comfortable layer of sponge on the outside to meet the market and Customer demand.

As for chairs, Chinese people have very deep feelings for them. During the Qin and Han Dynasties, chairs were not popular, and social culture was dominated by kneeling. Chairs were not fully popular until the Tang Dynasty. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the love for solid wood furniture reached its peak. The people of Huanghuali, Phoebe, Red Sandalwood and other precious woods are deeply loved. Until now, these woods are extremely valuable for collection, but in today's society, due to indiscriminate logging, they are gone. At that time, the resources were abundant, if you still want to have this material, then the price will be sky high.

At present, due to the relatively high-end and luxurious decoration of hotel banquet venues, some graded solid wood chairs are also urgently needed to add brilliance, but not everyone can afford them, and the wood technology is more complicated, so a chair that can replace the wooden chairs is urgently needed To meet the needs of the market.


The hotel restaurant banquet chair is an indispensable item for hotel operation. For the hotel, its material and design are very important for the hotel. If you have any other questions about banquet chairs, please feel free to enter our website to find answers.


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