What are restaurant furniture functions?
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What are restaurant furniture functions?

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What are restaurant furniture functions?

Restaurant furniture is the use of human daily life and social activities have the function such as sitting and lying, leaning on, eating utensils. In this gourmet era, the position of the table is more and more important. Mensal is the leading role in dining-room all the time, old table is rectangle normally, of people sit the height that shows the position in the home. And in today this in the era that stresses individual character style, the contemporary table is limited people to its choice with a few rules no longer. Introduce the function of restaurant furniture briefly below.


Here is the content list:

l Table

l Dining chair

l Wine cabinet

l Carriage rack

l Eat edge ark



Refers especially to the table used for eating, the main shape of the round, rectangular and square. Material is also more diverse, there are solid wood, steel and wood also have marble, glass.


Dining chair

The chairs for dining are all kinds of shapes. According to the material classification can be divided into solid wood chair, steel wood chair, aluminum alloy chair, plastic chair, glass fiber reinforced plastic chair and so on. Divide chair of Chinese style eat and chair of Western-style eat according to style.


Wine cabinet

Wine cabinet in the restaurant decoration is also more common, mainly is the storage of red wine, now many are using solid wood wine cabinet, the design is more elegant and comfortable, the decorative effect is also good. Of course, now the wine cabinet also has a lot of electronic constant temperature, better storage effect, has become a new favorite choice in the wine cabinet, users can choose their own good.


Carriage rack

If the house area is too small, you can choose a booth with the function of storage. Booth shelf has a good application in the modern life, it can make items can get better placement, so choose a suitable booth shelf indeed is a very important thing, but it is important to note that all kinds of shelf product color is not too messy, pay attention to color layers.


Eat edge ark

A dinner-side cabinet is a small cabinet placed next to the dining table for storing food and cutlery. The first consideration when choosing is the location and size of the dinner-side cabinet. Secondly, the dinner-side cabinet will generally place some wine sets, cups and plates and tea sets. The dinner-side cabinet needs to have a certain display space, so that some bottles and wine sets look like exquisite artworks. Still need to choose design, the choice coordinates with integral furniture photograph eat edge ark, won't appear thus abrupt, give whole dining-room grace many.


Restaurant is a place for people to eat, special attention should be paid to its decoration. Restaurant furniture from the style of color texture and other aspects to be particularly carefully selected. Because the restaurant furniture is comfortable or not to our appetite has a great relationship. Understanding the function of restaurant furniture can help us expand our knowledge, but also help us to use it better.


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