What are the disadvantages of non-contact soap sanitizer dispenser?
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What are the disadvantages of non-contact soap sanitizer dispenser?

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What are the disadvantages of non-contact soap sanitizer dispenser?

If you have visited a modern restaurant or hotel lately, you would have probably seen and used an automatic soap sanitizer dispenser, other than easy to use, the soap sanitizer dispenser looks stylish and modern too. The following article will tell you more.


Here are the main points of the article:

What are the advantages of the soap sanitizer dispenser?

What are the disadvantages of the soap sanitizer dispenser?

Why should you use a soap sanitizer dispenser?


 What are the advantages of the soap sanitizer dispenser?

  1.   Touchless: the soap sanitizer dispenser is able to dispense liquid soap without having to turn or push any button, which help reduces the possibility of contact. This soap sanitizer dispenser comes in handy especially at times when you are at public places with lots of people.

  2.   Germ-buster: usage of this soap sanitizer dispenser can help prevent germs from disseminating from one person to another. Harmful organisms can spread in public places with a mere touch.

  3.   Simple usage: with the soap sanitizer dispenser, you simply have to stick your palm out and get the soap dispenser. The simplicity is achieved by an infrared sensor which can detect the movement of the adjacent movements.


What are the disadvantages of the soap sanitizer dispensers?

Having mentioned all the advantages of automatic soap sanitizer dispensers, I think it is important for institutional buyers to consider some of the negative effects of such automatic hands-free dispensers before making a final decision:

  • Touchless allocators attract attention. Wait a minute. We just mentioned that's an advantage. Yes, but sometimes they attract the attention of vandals. We found that the touch free soap sanitizer dispensers had a slightly higher damage rate than the manual dispenser. This can be a serious problem because contactless allocators tend to be much more expensive to replace than manual allocators.

  • Battery drain. Most automatic soap sanitizer dispensers come with some kind of LED indicator light that alerts a maintenance worker when the battery is low. But when the dispenser stopped working, so did hand hygiene.

  • Batteries add to the cost. Most contactless soap sanitizer dispensers are very efficient and can last for many, many months. However, the batteries do run out and need to be replaced, at a cost of at least a few dollars per dispenser. Over time, and with a lot of allocators in the device, this cost really increases.

  • Batteries don't always work. Maintenance personnel usually do not carry batteries. They don't usually store batteries in stock, either. So, the soap sanitizer dispensers can stop running for a long time unless the staff is ready when the battery in the dispenser runs out. The last point about batteries is that we often hear about purchasing managers' hesitation about stockpiling batteries because batteries are a common stolen item (unfortunately, but true).


Why should you use a soap sanitizer dispenser?

A very important aspect of using a portable toilet is knowing that it is clean. Using a soap sanitizer dispenser makes it easy to maintain a sterile environment. Soap sanitizer dispenser are used to kill alcohol germs on our hands. Using soap sanitizer dispenser gives everyone extra comfort and peace of mind.


As you can see from the article above, choosing a soap sanitizer dispenser is very necessary. For any purchase issues, contact us.


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