What are the functions of sanitizing wipe dispenser?
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What are the functions of sanitizing wipe dispenser?

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What are the functions of sanitizing wipe dispenser?

In public places such as hotels and gymnasiums, it is easy to see sanitizing wipe dispensers products, because these occasions often have a lot of people flow, crowd density is very high, and it is easy to produce many bacteria, which affect people's health. Set up a sanitizing wipe dispenser at any time so that people can wipe with wet tissues in time.



What are the functions of sanitizing wipe dispenser?

The main function of sanitizing wipe dispensers is to disinfect and store used wet tissues or other garbage. Its structure can be simply divided into three, the upper part can store wet tissues, put the wet tissues into the device, and then pull the wet tissues out through the gap in the middle, which is convenient for subsequent pulling of the wet tissues. practical. The lower part can be a trash can. When people use up wet paper towels or other small-sized trash can be thrown in the trash can to protect the living environment and be clean and tidy. Such public places, such as hotels and gymnasiums, where there are a lot of people coming and going, and the crowds are more complicated, it is necessary to pay more attention to environmental protection and hygiene. When we are using public equipment, such as hotel public facilities or public equipment in the gym, when you feel that it is not clean, you can wipe it with the wet tissues in the sanitizing wipe dispensers. When it reaches a certain level of cleaning, you can throw it into the trash can in the lower part after use. Don't throw it away.

After wiping, you can throw it into the set trash can immediately, so that it is most convenient for customers to use


What are the colors of sanitizing wipe dispensers?

The two main colors for sanitizing wipe dispensers are 304 S/S in Bushed body & Polished cover and Steel in Black powder coating. These two colors are the two mainstream colors of the product. They are more beautiful and formal. They are very solemn and very matching when placed in public. Of course, in addition to these two colors, there are many other product colors, and customers can choose their favorite and preferred colors. When choosing the color of sanitizing wipe dispensers, you should look at the decoration style and matching decoration colors of the place, try to keep the consistency, and choose the product color that matches the interior decoration color, so that it can be matched and harmonious from the appearance. People have a very comfortable feeling.


Sanitizing wipe dispensers have a wide range of products and diversified products. In addition to different colors, there are many products that do not have shapes and structures to achieve product diversification. LAICOZY is a professional sanitizing wipe dispensers supplier, can provide a variety of products, welcome everyone to come and buy!


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