What includes in Hotel equipment?
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What includes in Hotel equipment?

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What includes in Hotel equipment?

What includes in Hotel equipment?

Hotel equipment includes electric kettles, water cups, coffee, tea bags, milk, sugar, etc. in the room for guests to use. Except for very cheap hotels, rooms usually have private bathrooms with toilets, bathtubs and showers. Higher-class and advanced hotels also offer internet access, additional charges may apply.


What is Hotel equipment?

What are the room amenities in Hotel equipment?

What are the specific items in Hotel equipment?


What is Hotel equipment?

Hotel equipment is the general term for various utensils and items required in the production and operation of the hotel (including: restaurant supplies, kitchen utensils, room bedding, lobby supplies, room disposables, bar coffee supplies, cleaning supplies, detergents, hotel Staff uniforms, daily miscellaneous items, etc.).

Features of Hotel equipment:

1. There are many types of industries involved and various varieties;

2. Pay attention to the shape and appearance technology, which is more fashionable and beautiful;

3. It is simple and convenient to use, has a wide range of adaptability (no professional operation is required), and has strong fluidity;

4. No spare parts and maintenance services (a few kitchen equipments have maintenance services);

5. Most of these products are consumables and cannot be used as fixed assets;

6. Small objects that are generally not fixed for use in buildings.


What are the room amenities in Hotel equipment?

Room Facilities

The room facilities in Hotel equipment have room facilities suitable for the scale and standard of the hotel, including: single rooms, standard rooms, deluxe suites, presidential suites, etc.

Guest rooms should be equipped with guest facilities corresponding to the star-rated standard of the hotel, such as: dressing table (or writing desk), wardrobe, bed (soft mattress), chair, sofa, bedside control cabinet and other supporting furniture; There is a separate toilet, which is generally equipped with a toilet, a vanity table (with a washbasin and a vanity mirror), hot and cold water facilities (including a bathtub with a spray head, and a shower curtain); each room has a feature that can be guaranteed or adjusted. Split air conditioner or central air conditioner; each room is equipped with a telephone, which can be directly dialed or connected to domestic or international long-distance calls through the switchboard; each room is equipped with a TV and audio equipment; each room is equipped with a certain numbers of stationery items, such as stationery, envelopes, postcards, city maps, sewing kits, hotel service guides; and a certain number of hygiene items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner or conditioner in each room Hair conditioner, shower cap, shoe polisher (paper), etc.


What are the specific items in Hotel equipment?

hotel lighting

Crystal lamps, ceiling lamps, chandeliers, lanterns, down lamps, wall lamps, bedside lamps, floor lamps, spot lamps, other lighting.

hotel clothing

Hotel uniforms, welcome dresses, restaurant uniforms, and other clothing accessories.

hotel service

Recreation and fitness, hotel banquet, catering service, self-service, hotel exhibition, room service, conference service, other services.


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