What is stanchion posts structure?
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What is stanchion posts structure?

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What is stanchion posts structure?

Take line barrier stainless-steel retractable posts as an example, the accessories included in this product include: tube, bottom counterweight, bottom rubber ring, telescopic parts, springs, and telescopic braid. Surprisingly, you can customize a full set of retractable posts, or you can customize the accessories of retractable posts separately.


Here is the content list:

  • What are parts of stanchion posts?

  • What are special designs of stanchion posts?

  • Will stainless-steel stanchion posts become mainstream products?


What are parts of stanchion posts?

We use 0.7mm thick tube wall, and process the surface through polishing, paint baking and other processes to achieve many advantages such as no fingerprints, anti-collision, anti-painting, anti-rust and so on.

The base of the customed retractable posts is a 360mm cast iron weighted base. The large base plane is more stressed, which can ensure that the column is stable after the telescopic belt is pulled out.

The expander adopts imported super spring to ensure consistent expansion performance. Some low-quality springs on the market lose their elasticity over time, which is in sharp contrast with our products.

In addition, you can also choose different colors of nylon telescopic isolation belts. Our stanchion posts barrier will not fade or soften. You can also choose to place a billboard where you need it, and put it directly on the railing post, so that the traffic becomes more unimpeded.


What are special designs of stanchion posts?

Queue line barrier stainless-steel stanchion posts adopt new technology to improve various key technical indicators to a better state, so that the flatness and weather resistance of stanchion posts are correspondingly improved, and it is also convenient for other functions to be added.

  • Self-locking device

Some children in public places often unintentionally release the buttons of stanchion posts, which will be dangerous. Therefore, this product is equipped with controlled parts, so that the buttons cannot be easily pulled out. The clasps of retractable posts need to be removed by the skillful operation of the staff, which effectively improves safety and facilitates management.

  • Recovery system:

When the strap of stanchion posts is pulled out, the spring inside the retractor generates strong elasticity. If there is no deceleration effect of the recovery system, the plastic buckle at the end of the belt will be shaken in the air when the belt is recovered, which is very easy to injure people. The function of this recovery system is to allow the retractable belt to be quickly elongated but slowly retracted, thereby greatly improving the safety of use.

  • Various specifications

In different occasions, the specifications of stanchion posts used are different. Including the height of which, the size of the counterweight, and the color of the belt, you can customize these parameters to get the stanchion posts you want.


Will stainless-steel stanchion posts become mainstream products?

From the past history, we can sum up the rule that every shining star has its cycle. For example, wood used to be the main building material, but now it has been replaced by concrete. Stainless-steel stanchion posts have been applied in various fields for decades and are showing a trend to replace traditional products. And for a long time in the future, it will be a mainstream product.

An outstanding application of stainless-steel stanchion posts is in the home environment. Whether it is used as a decorative material or as a security prop, the advantages of polished stanchion posts are very obvious. In terms of strength, retractable posts can bear a lot of weight than ordinary stanchion posts and can also provide a stable structure. In appearance, it is much stronger than the rusty common ones.

According to the development and status quo of the production technology of stanchion posts, research is still being carried out on the following issues: how to meet automation, continuity and high speed of the retractable posts production line; expand the variety and specifications, improve product accuracy, and reduce product defects, improve lifespan. Through the development of new theory and technology application research, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, saving materials, improving product quality and productivity.


As one of the main products of Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD., all parts of stanchion posts are developed and produced by our factory, so it can also meet various requirements to make customed stanchion posts. At the same time, all of our employees have been through strict guidance and training, so after-sales service is guaranteed. If you want to order polished stanchion posts, you will not regret choosing us.


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