What is the significance of Bathroom Amenities?
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What is the significance of Bathroom Amenities?

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What is the significance of Bathroom Amenities?

The Bathroom Amenities include catering, room service and public service. The basic amenities of hotel rooms include beds, wardrobes, coffee tables and usually also telephone, TV, alarm clock; and refrigerators that contain various drinks, alcohol and snacks, all of which are charged and paid for at the checkout.

Which direction does the Bathroom Amenities go in the future?

What am I supposed to do with toothpaste in Bathroom Amenities?

What should I pay attention to when using Bathroom Amenities?

Which direction does the Bathroom Amenities go in the future?

While the Bathroom Amenities provided by hotels bring comfort to travellers, amazing waste has become a fact that everyone can see. Toothpaste and soap are the most wasteful disposable items in hotels. Particularly the disposable soap, a piece of about 25 grams, guests usually use only about a quarter of the day, the rest is thrown away together with the packaging and replaced the next day, the same applies to toothpaste, shower gel, etc. This not only results in a significant waste of resources, but also creates new sources of pollution through incineration or landfill, which increases the pressure on pollution control. It has a major negative impact on resource conservation and environmental protection. The industry has therefore agreed to reduce the frequency of exchanges of Bathroom Amenities, to reduce types of disposable products and to pursue environmental protection.

What should I supposed to do with toothpaste in Bathroom Amenities?

  1. The toothbrush is generally packed together with the toothpaste in the Bathroom Amenities, which is wasteful for the remaining guests. Generally speaking, the toothpaste that is matched to the toothbrush is 6.g. once in the morning and once in the evening is no longer cleaned. The toothbrush can continue to be used, but since there is no toothpaste, a pair of toothbrushes must be broken. In view of this, the consumption of consumables does not mean energy savings or environmental protection.


1) Place the toothpaste separately in the Bathroom Amenities (as it has its own packaging, you do not have to treat it separately) to avoid unnecessary waste.

2) For rooms with a stay of more than three days, a 45-60-g stamp adhesive is specially equipped.

What should I pay attention to when using Bathroom Amenities?

1. Identify the person responsible. The authorization to receive Bathroom Amenities shall be returned to the foreman in each area and shall be withdrawn once a week from the secondary warehouse. Depending on the remaining items in each workshop and the reservation situation of the next week, the foreman of the respective area will use it accordingly.

2, according to the standard distribution. The allocation of each workshop is based on the average weekly consumption of goods as a fixed storage volume, with 10% of the allocation allocated to the name area as a manoeuvre.

3. Strict application system. When picking up articles, the person responsible for each area must complete the balance sheet of each type of article in the last week and register in detail the number of items received this week and sign for confirmation.

4. Implement a reward and punishment system. According to the actual monthly occupancy of each building, statistics on the actual use of disposable items in each building.

5. Timely inventory. Implement a system with a small set per week and a large set per month to keep up with the consumption of Bathroom Amenities.

6. All managers should do a good job of preserving and reusing Bathroom Amenities to make optimal use of everything and to fully exploit the maximum use value.

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