What is the use of retractable posts in a museum?
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What is the use of retractable posts in a museum?

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What is the use of retractable posts in a museum?

As one of the exhibit protection measures, the retractable post is necessary, this is no doubt. However, in the traditional view, retractable post is always the edge and foil of museum exhibition design, and there seems to be no consensus on how to use it in the industry, and there are few relevant discussions. At present, the status of art design in the exhibition continues to improve, and has become an important standard to measure the excellence of an exhibition, and the retractable post, as a part of the overall design, also restricts the audience's emotional guidance to a certain extent. Therefore, it is of great significance to discuss some problems existing in the application of retractable posts in the museum environment.

Here is the content list:

 An overview of the retractable post

 Isolation of retractable post

 Artistic sense of retractable post

An overview of the retractable post

The retractable post is an accompaniment to modern museums. In the context of museums, "retractable post" refers to the group of railings that serve as protection, separation and guidance in a museum exhibition. The museum industry has not yet developed a common understanding of how to use retractable post in exhibitions, and there has been little discussion about it. The distance we usually talk about is the spatial relationship between two things. As a spatial barrier that separates the audience from the exhibits, the retractable post is the concrete representation of the mutual relationship between the museum and the audience. 

Isolation of retractable post

Applied to the exhibits with prominent emotional attributes, strong ideographic functions and relatively independent aesthetic feelings, the retractable post only needs to ensure that it is simple and practical. For example, in an art exhibition, can set the baluster seat that height is 40 centimeters or so normally, meanwhile be connected with a thin rope or metal pole to achieve the protective purpose. This kind of approximation of retractable post design specifications, does not need special design, it can match with any exhibition of fine arts, has a psychological suggestion effect, both tell the audience must keep distance, do not interfere with the audience sight again, complete works to express emotions, to ensure the audience's aesthetic experience, can be said to be the today art museum and art gallery often use standard retractable post.

Artistic sense of retractable post

On the other hand, it is difficult for the audience to bring their own feelings into the exhibits with less prominent emotional attributes. At this time, you can carry out a special design on the retractable post, strengthen the rendering of the overall atmosphere, make the surrounding environment match the exhibition artistic conception, cultivate the audience's emotions, so that they can be more quickly integrated into it.

As a place to collect human civilization, museums are not only for the present generation, but also for future generations. In the process of museum display to the audience, the primary condition should be to ensure the absolute safety of exhibits. In consideration of the potential safety hazards caused by the curiosity of the audience, the museum usually places the precious exhibits in the exhibition cases and uses the high safety characteristics of laminated glass to protect the exhibits from human damage. For the exhibits that are not suitable for display in the cabinet, the use of retractable posts can ensure that they are not damaged intentionally or accidentally by the audience as far as possible.


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