What is the volume of soap sanitizer dispenser?
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What is the volume of soap sanitizer dispenser?

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What is the volume of soap sanitizer dispenser?

Some models of liquid soap sanitizer dispensers are designed to contain liquid soap and alcohol-based consumables without changing any parts. They are used in many public areas. Read on to find out more.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • What are the features of the soap sanitizer dispensers?

  • What are the specialties of the soap sanitizer dispensers?

  • Where can the soap sanitizer dispensers be used?


1.      What are the features of the soap sanitizer dispensers?

Hand washing is one of the most important things you and your child can do to stay healthy. Soap sanitizer dispensers help remove millions of germs that your hands may come into contact with each day. Smooth design of pump bottle, large buttons, precise distribution. Ideal for kitchen and bathroom soap. Perfect for showering and washing.

  • Large capacity: 350ml large capacity container can be used for a long time without frequent refill. The unique transparent container design lets you keep track of how much soap is left and add soap in time. Use foaming hand sanitizers and diluted hand sanitizers or dishwashers.

  • Wide application: Use quality IPX4 waterproof material to use our soap sanitizer dispensers on kitchen or bathroom countertops without fear of damage caused by water infiltration. With a base and 3M sticker in the package, you can use it as a wall soap dispenser. It is an ideal choice for bathroom, kitchen, office, hospital, hotel, clinic, pharmacy and other places.

  • Support various detergents: soap sanitizer dispensers can be loaded directly into the automatic soap dispenser. Common hand sanitizers without foam need to be diluted 1:5 to get on the machine. Shake the bottle to mix the diluted liquid well.


2.     What are the specialties of the soap sanitizer dispensers?

Soap sanitizer dispensers are a simple, hygienic way to keep our hands clean. Easy to assemble places where wall space is precious or at the entrance.

  • Efficient and low noise motor provides you with a comfortable operating environment. It adopts infrared induction design and automatically generates foam.

  • Transparent liquid soap bottle, convenient for you to check the amount of liquid soap inside.

  • As soon as you put your hand under your mouth, it bubbles.

  • Can control the foaming amount reasonably, more practical.

  • Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, office and other environments.


3.     Where can the soap sanitizer dispensers be used?

There has been a significant increase in the use of automatic lavatory supplies. A growing number of public and private establishments are already using contactless technology in their bathrooms.

Automation technology has infiltrated public restrooms. Touchless technology like soap sanitizer dispensers has become a regular part of modern toilet facilities.


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