What is the weight of stanchion posts?
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What is the weight of stanchion posts?

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What is the weight of stanchion posts?

As people's demand for home environment and safety in public places increases, home safety construction is also developing rapidly, and retractable posts are the first to break into people's vision. Before buying brushed polished stanchion posts, you should know some of its important parameters.


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  • What determines weight of stanchion posts?

  • Can stanchion posts be customized?

  • How to replace other accessories of stanchion posts?


What determines weight of stanchion posts?

The weight of the chassis of stanchion posts is basically fixed, the center of gravity is relatively low, and the overall state is top-heavy. In actual use, the position of the center of gravity of the upper part of stanchion posts sometimes changes greatly, such as on the occasion of blocking crowds and on windy weather.

In order to fix the base, counterweights are often used when using retractable posts. The counterweight is to balance these moments, so that the center of gravity of stanchion posts is always kept near the center and the overall balance is maintained.

Generally, the size of the counterweight cannot be easily changed during use, because counterweight supports the entire retractable posts. If the counterweight is removed, the previously formed security space will become a dangerous space, and the retractable posts may go down at any time. Although it already has a certain quality, in fact the weight of which is largely determined by the counterweight.

The counterweight has to go through multiple processes including heat treatment, shaping, and anti-rust treatment, just to ensure the safety and effectiveness of stanchion posts. If you use unreasonably designed counterweights or counterweights with substandard weights, not only will it not achieve a balanced effect, but it may also create risks. Therefore, you must choose the best when choosing the suitable weight product.


Can stanchion posts be customized?

As long as it is a public place, it is inseparable from the isolation protection of stanchion posts. The civilization and safety that this product brings to people is undoubted. Now more customers are looking for superior quality, more applicability, and civilized products. Combining the above three points, we can customize the very particular stanchion posts for you.

  • Superior quality

The reason why brushed stanchion posts is said to be high-end is because the designer has made a special texture treatment on the surface of the railing seat, so that the entire visible surface has a smooth feel.

  • All-match

The craft is suitable for all styles of retractable posts, including retractable, concierge or wide-cloth advertisements and other kinds ones. They can all be made into polished brushed retractable posts.

  • Civilized

The stanchion posts won't slip when being moved, and for black matte you don’t have to worry about the reflections on the ladies’ skirts when you place the stanchion posts for people to queue. So, it not only shows a unique appearance, but also reflects its humane side.


How to replace other accessories of stanchion posts?

In addition to the counterweight, what accessories do you need to replace? According to our many years of experience in the production and sales of retractable posts, the isolation belt cannot be recycled, and the partial damage of the retractor are the two most frequent situations.

In this case, we recommend that you replace the telescopic head core again, unscrew the originally damaged and unretractable telescopic head, and replace it with a new one, which is convenient and simple, and the isolation belt is the same. It’s worth mentioning that if there are no printed advertisements on the telescopic belt you originally bought, or you temporarily use the basic stanchion posts for emergency purposes, you can also mail the telescopic belt or the telescopic head back, we can print your customized pattern for you.

We focus on the production and sales of brushed stanchion posts, normally basic regular ones have a certain amount of stock. Customers can place orders online or offline, and we can ship them within 48 hours.


With the continuous advancement of a civilized city construction trend that has arisen across the country, wherever you go, there are people who strictly abide by the rules and line up after stanchion posts. Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD. is committed to the promotion of retractable posts, bringing you a brand new home environment experience.


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