What kind of Housekeeping Maid Cart you are looking for?
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What kind of Housekeeping Maid Cart you are looking for?

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LAICOZY as the leading supplier and manufacturer of housekeeping equipments, also with over 15 year experience of serving the hotel industry, providing different designs & models of housekeeping maid cart to our clients.

From the materials there are Aluminium,steel and plastic structure;From the size, there are standard size and compact one. Following are our hot-sale models for your review:

1)Aluminium housekeeping maid carts

The biggest advantage of aluminium housekeeping carts is very light and will not get rust. Aluminum tubular construction with laminated panels, all can be different color, The frame can be Grey or Black color, and laminated panels with 3 colors for optional: light grey, light oak & dark oak. Besides, full wrap-around vinyl bumper on the aluminium hotel maid cart. It can prevent the housekeeping cleaning carts from hitting the wall and avoid any damage. This housekeeping cleaning carts goes with 6” non-marking wheels that for easy pushing, and 2 wheels with break to fix easily. Both side attached adjustable nylon bags for dirty linen. On the top, goes with a amenities tray with open compartment.

2)Steel Painting Maid Cart

For the steel painting maid cart, will deal with the powder coating on the tube to avoid to get rusty.

The advantage of the classic steel maid cart is with economic price. It is the good choice for the small hotel since  it is cheaper than the aluminum one. The steel frame is very strong and goes with laminated panels, even though will be a little heavier than the aluminum maid cart, but the 6inch wheels make the steel maid cart also very easy to push and handle.

3)Plastic maid cart

Many the hotels will face the sea or around beach or the the city with humid weather, suggest to use the plastic housekeeping maid cart. The whole bode are thick plastic that will not get rust, also very strong that not easy to get damage. The body with grey color and goes with 2 yellow nylon bags on both side. Goes with 6 inch wheels that make sure the maid carts push smoothly.

4)Mini maid carts

For the small hotel, we do suggest to choose he mini maid carts, only around 1/2 size based on the regular one. It is special design for the hotel with narrow passage. the mini maid carts is quite flexible that can easy to go through the door or guest room,the compact volume that easy for store.

Welcome to send us visit our website to review more photos or send us the email for further information, thanks.


LAICOZY was set up with an aim to be a central contact point between the various factories owned and operated by the group.
The group owns several factories like Hotel equipments factory, Banquet Furniture Factory, Crowd Control Systems factory, Hotel Furniture FactoryApart from the products that LAICOZY group manufacturers, we also have excellent relations with other A-Class manufacturers who do OEM for us for us for various Hotel Products.


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