What materials are used for each part of the retractable post?
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What materials are used for each part of the retractable post?

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What materials are used for each part of the retractable post?

The retractable post, also known as the crowd control barrier, consists of three parts: the pole, the base cover and the base weight. The retractable post has a retractable band at the top, which can be pulled out and attached to another post when used, and arranged in a row or circle to form a square polygon according to the actual situation, as an isolated exhibit or dangerous area. Retractable post is widely used in crowd control barrier for hotel, airport, restaurant, hospitals, trade shows or events. The components of the retractable post include a pipe, a bottom counterweight, a bottom rubber ring, a retractable piece, a spring, a retractable braiding, etc. Now let's look at the composition materials of the retractable post.

Here is the content list:

 Material used for retractable post

 Stainless steel retractable post

Material used for retractable post

The retractable post adopts a 0.7mm thick pipe wall, and the surface is polished, painted and other processes to achieve the advantages of no fingerprints, anti-collision, anti-spray paint, anti-rust and so on. The base of the retractable post is a 360 mm cast iron weighted base. The larger base surface has a larger force, which can ensure the stability of the post after pulling out the expansion belt. Expander adopts imported super spring to ensure consistent expansion performance, but also to ensure that the spring can maintain good elasticity over time. In addition, you can also choose different colors of nylon retractable isolation belts. Pillar ramparts do not fade or soften. You can also choose to place a billboard where necessary, directly placed on the railing post, so that the traffic becomes more smooth.

Stainless steel retractable post

Stainless steel struts have been used in various fields for decades and show a trend to replace traditional products. It will be a mainstream product for a long time to come. Both as a decorative material and as a safety prop, the advantages of the polished prop are very obvious. In terms of strength, the retractable post can support more weight than the ordinary post, and can also provide a stable structure. From the outside, it is much stronger than the rusting of ordinary tyres.

According to the development and present situation of the post production technology, the following problems are still being studied: how to meet the automation, continuity and high speed of the retractable post production line; Expand variety specifications, improve product accuracy, reduce product defects, improve service life. Through the development of new theory and the application of new technology research, to achieve energy saving, material saving, improve product quality and productivity.

The stainless steel retractable post adopts new technology to improve the key technical indicators to a better state, so as to improve the flatness and weather resistance of the post, and also facilitate the addition of other functions. On different occasions, the specifications of the props used are different. Including its height, the size of the counterweight, and the color of the strap, you can customize these parameters to get the strut you want.


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