What's the usage and material of housekeeping cart
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What's the usage and material of housekeeping cart

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What's the usage and material of housekeeping cart

The usage of  Housekeeping  cart

It’s well known that every hotel equipped with housekeeping carts, there may have different design and types of housekeeping cart, but all are in same function. Housekeeping carts widely use in any hotel, it’s not about the type of the hotel, but about the powerful use of housekeeping maid cart. Useful housekeeping maid cart make every hotels laundry clean smoothly and save their cost in human sources.

Now let’s introduce about Housekeeping cart


In hotel market, there have these kind of material options: aluminum, steel, plastic. Different material cost different, and materials needed base on hotel request and hotel budget. The popular housekeeping cart material is steel material, as the cost is less than aluminum or plastic material,but full function. After the steel material, the second option is plastic material housekeeping cart, it’s very hot sale in the market because of their weight lighter than aluminum material, easily movable and no rusty as aluminum material after few years usage. Besides the steel and plastic material, aluminum material is more expensive, some small hotel will not choose it, but for star hotels, they will choose some more high-class type aluminum or other material for housekeeping trolley, to use what kind of material of housekeeping will depends on hotel budget and hotel positioning.


Each material of carts have their own advantages, If need cart light and strong, aluminum material would be the best choice, as aluminum material more lighter than steel material,and easily moving for staffs, if steel material, a little bit heavy and after few years may rusty. Besides, the aluminum and steel material, plastic material housekeeping carts also can be good option, as it would more lighter than steel material, but cheaper than aluminum material housekeeping  cart, as we upgraded the material and production process of housekeeping carts, so plastic material carts also strong enough and can be use more than few years like other material carts if under normal use. Normally hotel will choose the lighter material housekeeping cart, as when hotel staffs moving the carts for cleaning, it will not make noise if cart light and easily moving, and this would not effected customer resting.

Different material housekeeping cart meet different hotel needed, customer can choose the housekeeping cart base on the hotel request. To choose a good hotel housekeeping cart, have to consider all the function needed and budget of hotel, so it’s really to know well of each type of housekeeping cart, as a good hotel housekeeping cart can save a lot for hotel.


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