Where do you put hand sanitizer stations?
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Where do you put hand sanitizer stations?

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Where do you put hand sanitizer stations?

Soap and water are recommended first to effectively clean hands, but building users are not always near water sources. This is obvious because hand sanitizers have never been used so often. The need of soup sanitizer dispenses are therefore obvious.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • Where should the soap sanitizer dispenses be placed?

  • What are the features of the soup sanitizer dispenses?

  • Why is it important to choose a right place for the soup sanitizer dispenses?


1.     Where should the soap sanitizer dispenses be placed?

To be sure, the availability of hand sanitizers should be based on ease of use, such as placing soup sanitizer dispenses where they can be recognized and used. Using soap and water is the ideal aspect of hand washing, but we don't always surround ourselves with soap and water, which is why soup sanitizer dispenses as supplements are important. When deciding where to place soup sanitizer dispenses, you should also consider the type of dirt you want to remove when you wash your hands. However, finding a place that maximizes visibility for residents and complies with building safety codes can be challenging.

Depending on your public environment, it's wise to set up a network where there's a lot of traffic. There are many meeting places, such as office buildings, meeting rooms or auditoriums, which are good places to keep hand sanitizers. Placing soup sanitizer dispenses in a place with a lot of people is a good way to keep your hands clean. Hand sanitizers are increasingly used in hospitals, schools, hotels, shopping malls and even grocery stores. Many hospitals now place soup sanitizer dispenses next to check-in counters, drug carts, nurses' stations, outside wards and next to soap dispensers inside wards. Grocery stores, in particular, are getting ahead of themselves when it comes to hand sanitizers. When a customer walks in, the retailer puts soup sanitizer dispenses next to the shopping cart.


2.     What are the features of the soap sanitizer dispenses?

  1.   Touchless dispensing: The use of contact-free, hands-free soup sanitizer dispenses reduce cross-contamination, reduce the spread of bacteria and diseases. Compatible with plenty of foam hand sanitizers and hand sanitizers, the product can be dispensed with more than 1,500 times per supplement to help reduce replenishing.

  2.   Durable construction: The outer shell of the soup sanitizer dispenses is made of black high-impact plastic for optimal durability and long life. Easy to install on wall with glue or screws for quick installation and clean appearance. Strategically placed, this dispenser makes for a great addition to changing rooms, hand-washing sink, and office lounge.


3.     Why is it important to choose a right place for the soap sanitizer dispenses?

According to previous studies, less than 1 percent of visitors say they wash their hands before seeing a patient, so anything a hospital can do to encourage some form of hand hygiene can benefit patients. If your organization is installing soup sanitizer dispenses for visitors, it's best to keep them in a visible place so they can be seen clearly when they enter the hospital. Posting notices reminding visitors of the importance of disinfecting or washing their hands before seeing a patient may also help improve their compliance.


It is important to ensure that everyone follows proper hand hygiene procedures. When you can't get the public to wash their hands, there are steps you can take to stop the spread of germs, and there comes the use of soap sanitizer dispenses.


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