Which bellman cart should you buy
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Which bellman cart should you buy

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Luggage carts are widely used in hotel lobbies. Such as the 4-5 star hotel ,also have the luggage trolley or hand truck to help the people to delivery the luggage. In addition to the transport function of the metal luggage cart, since the luggage trolley carts often appear in the hotel lobby,A good quality luggage trolley is the equivalent of a hotel's image. So it is very important that the quality of the luggage cart is good and the style is beautiful.

In the market, the quality of luggage trolley is uneven .Different materials, different crafts, different styles, prices are different.

Such as the materials of hotel luxury bellman cart, there are steel , 201stainless steel ,304 stainless steel, brass .If the luxury luggage trolley use the steel material that the price also is cheaper , however, steel luggage cart also easy rust . Maybe the quality is not good . And if the good quality bellman cart use the brass material that the price is very high, But brass luggage cart can not rust , the gold color also very nice and very upscale.It is suitable for 5-star hotel . But the price of brass luggage cart is very high . It is not suitable for everybody .

However, we are a professional of  high quality luggage cart manufacture .Have many years of experience in production and sales,be familiar with the market demand for luggage carts .Make some luxury  luggage carts suitable for high-end market,and the quality of the luggage cart is good but the price is favorable.

Which bellman cart should you buy? No matter what type of facility you are in, our trained bellman cart specialists can guide you through the task of selecting and ordering the exact bellman cart you need. You will see that we have a wide variety of styles of Luxurious and economy bellman carts that give you the full range of pricing and options. If you need a bellman or utility cart quickly, please check call us toll free to help you get the right cart for your needs.

If you have any questions about any of the bellman carts or utility carts we offer, please feel free to contact us at (0086) 0756-2618158, email us:sales10@laicozy.com, or live chat with us. Thanks for visiting Bellman Cart Solutions, Our baggage car is of good quality, new style and durable, which is well sold in 4-5 star hotel.Welcome to Laicozy company to purchase luggage cart.


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