Who is the retractable post suitable for?
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Who is the retractable post suitable for?

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We can see the existence of retractable posts in various streets, residential houses, museums, and even different beautification safety protection projects in the city. With the progress of the times, polished retractable posts have penetrated into more environments, and this craft is constantly being updated. In what environment should crowd prevent retractable posts be used? How to use it properly? If you want to use it to add security and beauty to your life, you might as well read this article.


Here is the content list:

  • What is the concept of retractable posts?

  • What are kinds of retractable posts?

  • Where are most appropriate occasions for retractable posts?


What is the concept of retractable posts?

As the epidemic prevention and control becomes normal, more and more companies, markets, and schools resume work and resume classes, and people will inevitably concentrate in a certain public space.

In this case, retractable posts can be applied to prevent cross-infection caused by excessive crowds. From a development perspective, retractable posts are a measure of the boundaries of civilization and a yardstick to measure the quality of public services.

In recent years, retractable posts have been promoted in many places across the country, airports, stations, exhibition halls, etc. are all placed in an orderly way as isolated channels, making public places more and more orderly, and let people's waiting in line go deep into their bones.

In short, retractable posts build the function of queuing and implements the requirements of the rules. Naturally, the concept of retractable posts is also spread, automatically solving the embarrassment of crowds and making order and civilization a beautiful landscape.


What are kinds of retractable posts?

Queuing retractable post is a relatively common one, generally in the form of retractable straps, mainly focusing on practicality and safety, maintaining order in public places. When using it, just pull out the retractable head and snap it to the buckle of another retractable posts.

Concierge retractable posts, generally in the form of lanyard connection, are generally used in welcoming and concierge occasions such as hotels, celebrations, and sales offices. Lanyard retractable posts are often used in large-scale celebrations and ceremonies, mainly to express the festive atmosphere and the distinguished identity of the guests.

In addition, there is also an advertisement retractable posts for displaying advertisement posters. When using, you need to fix the advertising cloth on the crossbar, and then fix the crossbar on the buckles of the two retractable posts.


Where are most appropriate occasions for retractable posts?

Many people who buy retractable posts, in fact, did not make full use of their advantages and failed to use them properly. In fact, some small details are likely to affect the overall use of retractable posts.

  • Art exhibition

The museum, as an important place for people to understand history, stores extremely valuable cultural relics. Of course, retractable posts are indispensable for such a place.

  • Business meeting

Different styles of retractable posts should be used for different places. For example, in business negotiation and meetings, retractable posts with distinguished temperament colors should be used, which can better bring out the identity of the exhibitor instead of using ordinary styles of stainless-steel retractable posts.

  • Public places

For some public places such as scenic spots, restaurants, and office buildings, retractable posts are mainly used to maintain order and queue, so the requirements for their appearance are not very high.

The most important thing to consider is that the quality of retractable posts must be very reliable. For example, Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD. retractable posts are made of thickened stainless-steel pipes and heavy cast iron counterweights, which will not be skewed for long-term use. In addition, the counterweights are protected by rubber rings that will not damage the retractable posts during use, which can be effective Extended service life.


Civilized health is a habit, but also a fashion. At present, the situation of prevention and control is still very severe. Epidemic prevention measures must be cautiously ended, and the security cordon must be tightened at all times. For each of us, crowd prevent retractable posts are not only the "underline" of social civilization, but also the "lifeline" of public safety. If you want to learn more about precise retractable posts, welcome to visit our website.


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