Why do we need hotel cleaning equipment?
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Why do we need hotel cleaning equipment?

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Why do we need hotel cleaning equipment?

Why do we need hotel cleaning equipment?

The places where cleaning equipment is often used are mostly places where the cleaning area is too large and the workload is high, and the most demanding ones are hotels. Not only requires good cleaning effect, but also good service quality. For common sweepers, not only the efficiency of the machine, but also the noise of the machine and whether there is wear and tear during cleaning. Moreover, the daily cleaning volume of the hotel is relatively large, so the cleaning equipment required is also different. Let me introduce to you what cleaning equipment the hotel needs.

What is the cleaning agent in hotel cleaning equipment like?

What are the cleaning tools in hotel cleaning equipment?

What kinds of hotel cleaning equipment are there?

What is the cleaning agent in hotel cleaning equipment like?

Hotel cleaners generally include cleaners for cleaning glass, usually blue; then there are multi-functional cleaners for cleaning floors, which can clean hard surfaces such as oil stains and dirt; and toilet cleaners for cleaning toilets, wiping remote controls, telephones Disinfectant alcohol is used; places like tables, chairs, toilets and sinks are mostly cleaned with disinfectant. The hotel has a wide variety of detergents, ranging from base wax and face wax to hand sanitizers and air fresheners, to take care of all aspects of the residents.

What are the cleaning tools in hotel cleaning equipment?

hotel cleaning equipment includes spray-suction machine, carpet cleaning machine, steam carpet cleaning machine, carpet vacuum cleaner, sofa carpet cleaning machine, etc. in carpet maintenance and cleaning. , escalator cleaning equipment, etc. In terms of outdoor cleaning, there are high-altitude operation lifting platforms, high-pressure washing machines, swimming pool sewage suction machines, central air-conditioning dredging machines, etc. These cleaning tools are different according to the different specifications and needs of the hotel, from which we can see that the cleaning equipment required by the hotel is more diverse.

What kinds of hotel cleaning equipment are there?

(1) Carpet maintenance and cleaning equipment, such as: vacuum/water absorption machine, dry foam carpet cleaning machine, steam carpet washing machine, vertical roller brush carpet maintenance machine;

(2) Hard floor cleaning and maintenance equipment: multi-functional mopping machine, water-absorbing machine, automatic floor scrubbing machine, high-speed polishing machine, crystal surface treatment/refurbishment machine, portable/stair grinding machine, push-type/seat-type sweeper, high-pressure washing machine machine;

(3) Other surface cleaning equipment: back vacuum cleaner, sofa/cloth surface dry foam cleaning machine, high temperature steam sprayer, aerial work lift, escalator cleaning machine, swimming pool sewage suction machine, central air conditioning pipe dredging machine, other cleaning Auxiliary tools, etc. The above cleaning and cleaning equipment are essential cleaning equipment for the hotel PA department and engineering maintenance department. Especially in modern large international hotels and hotel chain groups, having these equipment is the need to improve work efficiency and standardization.

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