Why do we need the Bathroom Amenities?
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Why do we need the Bathroom Amenities?

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Why do we need the Bathroom Amenities?

Bathroom Amenities refer to items that guests need during their stay at the hotel, such as toilet paper and ironing board. Guest amenities are not necessarily necessary items to enhance a guest's stay, such as for guests to choose from. Here we are going to introduce more about the Bathroom Amenities.

How is the market for Bathroom Amenities?

How can one distinguish the toothbrush materials in Bathroom Amenities?

What do I do with soap in Bathroom Amenities?

How is the market for Bathroom Amenities?

With the introduction of the concept of energy saving, environmental protection and economic efficiency, disposable products gradually began to disappear from the market. However, for the hotel's special place, the actual experience of consumers must be taken into account, and the hotel is concerned and concerned about whether consumers can accept this.

At the same time, the length of stay in the hotel market also influences the demand of customers for care products. Those who go out for a long time choose to bring their own, while those who stay for one or two days say they will not use the Bathroom Amenities provided by the hotel. Moreover, consumers travelling as a family tend to bring their own Bathroom Amenities.

How can one distinguish the toothbrush materials in Bathroom Amenities?

As mentioned above, the toothbrush materials in Bathroom Amenities are mainly divided into soft plastic and hard plastic, so how can one distinguish these two materials? I'm here to give you a simple and practical method: you can throw a toothbrush on the floor in free fall if the sound of the toothbrush is cracked and the bounce height is high, then the material of the toothbrush handle is hard plastic; On the contrary, if a toothbrush does not bounce back after it hits the floor and there is no sharp bang, then the toothbrush is made of soft plastic. In addition, toothbrushes of the same style and specification break more easily than those made of soft plastic.

What should we need the soup in bathroom products?

Soap in bathroom products is an essential item in the bathroom so that guests can wash their hands or clean small pieces of clothing and more. But in most cases guests cannot use the whole soap, and some even do not use it after they have torn it apart and washed their hands. The soap recovered is less valuable due to its small size and poor cleaning effect.


1) Replace the soap in the Bathroom Amenities with reusable hand sanitation bottles and place them in the guest room to reduce waste and improve the quality of the hotel.

2) If guests need to wash small items of clothing, they can provide small bags of branded washing powder in the bathroom to enhance the cleaning effect.

LAICOZY has been concentrating on the production and development of Bathroom Amenities for several years, always focusing on customer needs. Here you can choose the Bathroom Amenities that suits you.


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