crowd control stanchion rope
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crowd control stanchion rope

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The velour rope usually need to use with stanchion post. Our barrier hanging rope are suitable use for hotel lobby and resort , conference hall,  bank, exhibition, shopping mall, restaurant, event, galleries, theater, cinema, wedding party park are and many others. 

Our Crowd Control Stanchion post with traditional rope system will directing or guiding customers, control customer flows, protecting a display, or controlling queue line rope, or preventing unauthorised access,  as well as the ultra modern retractable system. Our design concept of the velour stanchion rope was base on good quality and durable.

We are used the good quality velour cloth and flat rope to do the production, and used stainless steel “Q” hook. All of our velour rope are handcrafted per order and include durable snap ends in your choice of finish. While you can’t see the extremely high-quality and flat rope inside the covering, you can feel the difference when you put it on your hand and when you see the elegant swag it creates between two posts.

Each of the velour rope luxurious covering of your choice is fully customizable in a wide range of colors, or maybe you can choice from our generally color. Since we have a lot of color options of the velour rope. Base on our experience, usually the popular color is black/blue/fresh red/dark red color rope. We sale many colors to many customer.

Besides, there are three options of the velour rope lengths, 1.5meter and 2 meter and 2.5meter. You can choose the lengths of the velour rope base on your actual requirement. About the hook design of the rope, it is a very easy to use “Q” hook. The diameter of the hook is 32mm, and there are three color options for the hook. Polished/Brushed/Gold finished. 

You should be want to know why we do these color of our velour rope hook. As you know the stanchion post also have many colour options, the velour rope usually use with stanchion post for crowd control. The popular colour for velour rope with metal hook are also polished / brushed/ golden finish.  When the client place the order, they can match the colour with stanchion post and velour ropes.  For example, the gold stanchion barrier is matching with rope with golden finish hook of velour rope.  In this way, it looks beautiful and elegant. 

Regarding the packing of our velour rope, we usually packed 18pcs velour rope in one carton. And the velour rope can be folded in packing. The small volume will be very convenient for transportation.


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