hotel lobby waste bin
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hotel lobby waste bin

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We usually can see the dustbins in everywhere now.So when you walk down the street or other places, you will can see clean and tidy.Because people have a very strong sense of environmental protection now. The dustbins play an important role in environmental protection.

It can help people to collect the rubbish. Since we have the rubbish bins, people will not litter everywhere. It can keep the street or other places clean and tidy.

Now you know the purpose and importance of the litter bins.Let me talk about the kinds of trash bins. There are many kinds of the waste bins, For example, according to the material,it can be stainless steel rubbish bins, metal indoor dustbins, plastic rubbish bins. According to the purpose, it can be lobby waste bins,garbage bins indoor, outdoor dustbins.Room dustbins.

We want to introduce a hotel lobby rubbish bins to you, since we are professional hotel supplies company that can offer a variety of professional hotel and catering products to you. Now let me tell you the detail of this big indoor dustbins.This dustbins usually use on hotel lobby, and use 201 Stainless steel. It is a good quality stainless steel dustbins. It ' s not easy to rust and durable.

Besides, this is a lobby double bins. It can help garbage classification.The design of this hotel lobby double bins are two separate barrels,one use for recyclable, another one use for non-recyclable. And we have put the Logo and the letter on this hotel lobby rubbish bins. This makes it possible for garbage to be sorted. It also enables people to form good habits and raise awareness of the environmental protection. Since the garbage classification will allow some recyclable garbage to be reused.

There are two removable inner bins of this indoor double bins. This is a very good design for the dustman of the hotel, since this kind of stainless steel double bins makes their work more convenient and faster,convenient cleaning.

And the overall Size of this hotel lobby rubbish bins is 580*280*730Hmm,standard packing is 1pcs per carton. The carton size is 610*300*750mm, volume of per carton is 0.14cbm, grass weight after packing of the lobby double bins is 10kgs.

We made so many detail introductions before. About the garbage bins indoor, you can know what material they will use of the hotel lobby double bins, and the important purpose of the indoor double bins. 


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