luggage rack in guestroom
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luggage rack in guestroom

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When you hear the word luggage rack, you may be a little confused. What does the luggage rack look like?How to use ? Where is it used ?

In fact, the luggage rack is an unusual item in our life, not like a chair or trash can.But in a hotel, it's a common item. When you go to some hotels, you will find stainless steel luggage racks or wooden luggage racks in their guest rooms.Of course, there are many materials for the hotel luggage rack and various styles.

The luggage rack is used in hotel guest rooms.The main function is to facilitate guests to stay in the hotel to accommodate their luggage;Improve the quality of hotel service and improve the hotel's level.

If there is no hotel luggage rack in the hotel room, You can just squat down when you're packing, or put your suitcase on the bed.However ,if have a hotel room luggage rack, so that you can put on the metal luggage rack, then you can don’t squat down when you are packing, also need not put the suitcase on the bed, so you can avoid the dirty sheets.

There are many kinds of materials for luggage rack for hotel: wood, plastic wood, stainless steel, iron pipe. 

Wooden luggage rack also have many kinds, such as pine wood luggage rack ,beech wood luggage rack ,oak wood luggage rack etc. Of course , difference wood the price is difference too .However , Because wooden luggage rack is a waste of wood, many trees need to be cut down, and the materials cannot be recycled.Not green, so wood is not recommended.

At present, the more popular is the metal luggage rack for hotel. Such as the 201 stainless steel luggage rack or iron tube luggage rack with black finished .The price of stainless steel luggage rack is more expensive than iron tube luggage rack .The advantage of stainless steel luggage rack is that it is not rusty, durable and beautiful.The stainless steel luggage rack has several different surface treatments. Such as the polished ,brushed,titanium gold. 

And the iron tube luggage rack also have several different surface treatment : such as zinc plated, chrome, black finished and so on .Its advantage is cheaper price .

There are two types of luggage racks.One is have a support back ,another is without support back .The function of the support back is to prevent  the suitcase from touching the wall while putting on the luggage rack , and injuring the wall.Play a protective role.

After the introduction, I think you should know something about the hotel luggage rack.We are a factory specializing in the production of luggage racks, with professional technology and beautiful design.The luggage rack is popular in 4-5 star hotels around the world.Welcome to buy our luggage rack.


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