stainless steel luggage carts
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stainless steel luggage carts

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  Provide your hotel or resort with a large supply of stainless steel luggage trolley to ensure your employees and guests always have a convenient transporting tool for their suitcases and other overnight necessities. Our bellman carts range in style and size, offering something for virtually any establishment. Choose from basic arts with hooks and racks, or check out our options with elegant colored finishes.

  As the manufacturer for luggage cart, housekeeping cleaning carts, banquet chair etc, we always target 4-5 star hotels to provide better quality products and competitive prices for all distributors all over the word.

  All of our hotel luggage carts come with smooth rolling casters, making it easier to navigate around tight corners and through small spaces. Many also come with carpeted floors to protect the luggage being transported. By using bellman carts in your establishment, the process of carrying heavy loads from the lobby to guests’ rooms will be much less strenuous.

  The stainless steel luggage trolley cart's deck is with top grade carpet, non-porous plastic and features a non-slip texturized top. This ensures that luggage won't slide off and get damaged while you move it to your guest's room. The deck also won't mar items or leave marks. The corners of the cart are rounded for additional safety, making sure that both your guests and employees are safe while the hotel luggage carts is in use.Capable of fitting into an elevator and boasting of an easy-to-clean design, this cart is the perfect solution to keep on hand. It's also easy to move thanks to the 2 rigid and 2 swivel, 8" casters. Use this bellman cart to help your guests move their items into their accommodations with ease.

  The material of all our hotel luggage trolley can be replaced.If the ground laid for carpet, we recommend to use Pneumatic casters for the baggage cart.TPR wheel is hard to move on the carpet.There have two sizes 6 "/ 8" available of the TPR wheel.According to customer needs, we can change the stainless steel luggage trolley carpet to the demountable carpet, that'll convenient to clean.

   We supply all kinds of luxurious lightweight hand truck dolly and carts with the fashionable and elegant appearance, guaranteed quality and durability. These stainless steel luggage carts are the best choices for hotels.

   Through above introduce, hope you are interested in our lightweight hand truck dolly,because our stainless steel luggage carts is not stocked in our warehouse. And the production time will need around 45days of the luggage cart. Due to processing, transit times and stock availability will vary.If you need your hotel luggage trolley by a certain date, please contact us to placing your order in advance.


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