How to maintain retractable posts?
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How to maintain retractable posts?

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How to maintain retractable posts?

Retractable posts are an item that is often used in cities nowadays, and many people call it the "one-meter noodle". Its main function is to serve as a protection and fence. As polished retractable posts appeared in different public places and areas, it also is given a bigger stage. If you are a buyer of retractable posts, you must want to know how to maintain it to extend its service life.


Here is the content list:

  • Why should you maintain retractable posts?

  • How to maintain retractable posts?

  • How can retractable posts differ from traditional posts?


Why should you maintain retractable posts?

Retractable posts are things that we tend to overlook when doing general cleaning. However, due to the nature of its work, a large amount of dust and rain have accumulated on retractable posts exposed to rain and sunlight for a long time, which greatly affects its use value and even shortens its lifespan. Proper cleaning and maintenance of retractable posts can effectively extend its service life and protect your living and travel safety.

  • Extend service life

The same polished retractable posts can be used for a long time in some occasions, but in some places, they have a short life span, because they are directly related to our daily maintenance work. Maintaining retractable posts in the correct way can truly extend the service life.

  • Keep ornamental

Over the years, some indoor retractable posts were stained with dust, and the surface gloss was no longer. A protective film was formed to prevent corrosion, but it lost its aesthetic effect. For indoor retractable posts, the main reason for maintaining it is to ensure its beauty. If there is no maintenance work, the aesthetics will be greatly reduced.


How to maintain retractable posts?

Generally speaking, before retractable posts put into production, designers will take into account the use environment of retractable posts, and strive to empower them to resist problems of rustiness, wear and sun in all aspects. But in order to extend the service life of retractable posts, we should also do the following:

  • Clean the dust regularly.

After all, after a long time of use, a layer of dust will appear on the surface of retractable posts, which will affect the color and appearance of which. There may also be damage to the surface. Therefore, it is very necessary to clean the dust regularly. Some surveys show that after regular dust removal the life span of polished retractable posts can be extended by more than five years.

  • Pay attention to moisture.

Most retractable posts are outdoor warriors. When day and night alternate, water droplets will form on the surface of which; in places with high environmental pollution, acidic rainwater will even occur. All in all, we need to clean the water drops on the surface frequently.

  • Prevent rubbing.

Do not scratch the surface coating of polished retractable posts with sharp objects. Generally speaking, the coating is to prevent the rust and corrosion of the retractable posts. If you need to remove a part of one, you must remember to fix the remaining parts.


How can retractable posts differ from traditional posts?

Retractable posts are different from former posts. Its material is stainless steel with better hardness, which can provide better protection for people's lives. Retractable posts have a unique structure, light and flexible, and can achieve the effect of strong winds resistance through counterweights, fully responding to the security requirements of the new era.

Our retractable posts are designed with assembled technology, and the surface is polished and polished by a variety of processes to ensure the high strength and high safety requirements of retractable posts. Different steel materials can be selected to adapt to different types through reasonable structural design and component design. Of course, The height and width of which can be customized according to customer preferences. This product has a variety of colors suitable for interior decoration, which can make your home decoration have a harmonious and unified beauty.


Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD. uses world-class surface treatment technology and advanced special equipment to scientifically combine a variety of retractable posts protective layer, giving crowd prevent retractable posts excellent corrosion resistance, good moisture resistance, chemical resistance and super strength The stability of UV resistance. You can visit our website to find more products, and we look forward to working with you.


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