How to repair retractable posts?
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How to repair retractable posts?

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How to repair retractable posts?

All social circles have been overwhelmed by the COVID-19 crisis, which has brought unprecedented impact to the world economy, but has brought excellent opportunities for retractable posts and cloud service tracks. The era of new infrastructure has arrived, and the industry is in fierce competition. As a professional retractable posts’ manufacturer, in order to save you the cost of replacing retractable posts and allow you to better use our products, we will give you the following answers about how to repair them.


Here is the content list:

  • How to apply functions of retractable posts?

  • Why do problems occur during using retractable posts?

  • How can you get customized retractable posts?


How to install retractable posts?

Many retractable posts related problems appear in the installation. In fact, many people do not know how to install them correctly. It can be said that the correct assembly and installation of qualified retractable posts will reduce many problems in subsequent use.

  • Check the list

Before installing retractable posts, check the soil directly to see if they are complete and if there are any problems. In addition, check whether you have all the accessories, such as expansion screws, connection blocks, etc., according to the accessories list. It is best to use stainless steel accessories that is consistent with polished retractable posts for accessories to prevent from falling down due to corrosion of the accessories.

  • Clean up the construction site

When installing retractable posts, you are ought to tidy up the site. This is to prevent scratches or pollution from the construction process.

  • Assemble one by one

Assemble the retractable posts, the telescopic head, the column body, the base, and the counterweight in sequence. When connecting, first draw the position on the face tube according to the drawing, and pay attention to fixing the belt when installing.


Why do problems occur during using retractable posts?

Retractable posts are composed of several different parts. If these parts are damaged, the entire one may be unusable.

The failures of early ones were mainly caused by defects in design, manufacturing and materials, or unskilled operations, and occurred in the early use of the equipment, after major repairs or transformation. If within the repair period, consumers can apply for after-sales service of the store, return or exchange the retractable posts.

Later failures are mainly caused by the concentrated wear and tear of most of the components that constitute polished retractable posts, and their manifestations are that as the operating time increases, the failure rate gradually increases. Usually the warranty period has passed at this time, and the life span of which has reached. At this point, you need to buy a brand new one.


How to repair retractable posts?

According to the type of retractable posts and the degree of damage, we can choose whether to repair them and the means to repair them.

Slightly damaged retractable posts can be repaired by appropriate methods, such as polishing after welding and spraying anti-rust paint. First, spray anticorrosive paint on the surface of whose before use, which can reduce the rust of retractable posts. Second, when removing the rust on the surface of which, an acidic liquid can be used. Third, gasoline can also prevent the rust of retractable posts, so you can choose gasoline for maintenance to prevent the rust from spreading.

For the seriously damaged retractable posts, from a safety perspective, we still recommend that you replace them with new retractable posts made of the same martials. The failure rate of crowd prevents retractable posts began to increase rapidly with time, showing a trend of centralized failures. If the retractable posts are replaced regularly before entering the later stage, the trend of increasing failure rate can be controlled. If you feel troublesome, we recommend that you ask a professional for replacement and installation.


Customers who have bought cheap retractable posts report that the bottom of the ones cannot be fixed and the entire railing seat is crooked. In order to be able to use polished retractable posts for a long time, we must first choose good quality products from the source. Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD. only provides you with the best retractable posts. For more information and how to choose crowd prevent retractable posts, you can find a lot more on our website.


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